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Audio mastering house. Previously called the Holland Cutting, the name was changed in 1988.
It was located in Soest until 2007, then moved to a location in Bontebok (both in The Netherlands).
The company was registered as from 1988-01-01 and was dissolved as of 2012-12-31 - Do not use this company for items released after that date

When entering the company number to the cat# field only enter the numbers, not the engineers initials.
Example: HCB873041. 873041 can be entered in the cat# field, HCB (Maarten De Boer) is the credit for the mastering engineer.
The full string should be entered in the "Matrix/Runout" field.

Known engineers and their runout etchings (please, do not enter HC which is not part of respective ANVs):
HCB -> Maarten De Boer + ANV B
HCP -> Patrick Richter + ANV P
HCT -> Tim de Wolf + ANV T

The etchings in the runout start with HCX (X=B, P or T) followed by six numbers which usually start with 87
HCB 871432 (1989)
HCB 874235 (1994)
HCB 876664 (2002)

The numbers are always hand-etched.
With each new cut the number in the runout increases with one as well.
There are a few records which only have the initials of the cutting engineer without a number.

Contact Info:

Eerste Compagnonsweg 16A
8415 AC Bontebok
Phone: 0513 - 542780
Fax: 0513 -543170
Mail: [email protected]


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