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New Zealand retailer dating back to the 1930s involved in radios, set up by Radio Corporation Of New Zealand Ltd. to distribute their house brand, Columbus. Distributor of the NZ label TANZA from 1949 until 1956. In 1958 Radio Corporation Of New Zealand Ltd. was sold to the NZ Pye Ltd. The shops were sold as a unit in the mid-1960s as Radio Centre Ltd.

Radio Centre Ltd. seems to have sold the retail to N.R. Cunningham Ltd. around this time. In 1973 EMI (NZ) Ltd. acquired the stores when they sold their shares in the now renamed Cunningham EMI Group Ltd to Simpson Pope of Australia. The stores were rebranded as EMI Music Centres and operated until these until the mid-1980s.

Parent Label:Radio Corporation Of New Zealand Ltd.
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275 High Street,
Lower Hutt.


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