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Projekt Records is an ethereal, neo-classical, gothic, and ambient US label founded by black tape for a blue girl leader Sam Rosenthal in 1983 as a way to release his own solo electronic music.

In 1993, Rosenthal started Projekt: Darkwave, a mail-order company that carried the music of Projekt as well as labels with a similar outlook, including Tess Records, Hyperium Records and others. It was named after the music genre "dark wave". Rosenthal found the term "dark wave" in the early 1990s while leafing through the pages of German independent music magazine ''Zillo''. He didn't understand much of the German text but had noticed the term's use on several pages. Soon afterwards, he adopted the term "darkwave" for his own record label catalogue.

Name variations as found on this profile:
- Projekt
- Projekt Records

Parent Label:Projekt Records
Sublabels:Darkwave, Projekt: Archive, Relic
Contact Info:


283 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1811

Fax: 603-949-8021
promogirl (at) projekt (dot) com
blacktape (at) projekt (dot) com

Former address (at least active in 1996):
Box 1591
Garden Grove, CA 92642-1591
USA , Bandcamp , Facebook , X


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