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PLEASE NOTE - Sony Music Entertainment should only be used for copyright, distribution, or record company credits, if mentioned as "Sony Music Entertainment" on the release.
In case your item mentions "Sony Music" for such roles instead, use Sony Music. When there is a "Sony Music" logo present, enter Sony Music as label.

Use Sony Music Entertainment Inc. or Sony BMG Music Entertainment where they are specifically credited.

Sony Music Entertainment is the second-largest global recorded music company of the "big three" record companies. It is a general partnership of Sony Music Holdings, Inc. and is controlled by Sony Entertainment, a division of Sony Corporation Of America, which is an American subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation.

Sony Music Entertainment was established in October 2008, when Sony bought out BMG out of their joint-venture Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Sony Music Entertainment is the worldwide umbrella company for all Sony Music Entertainment subsidiaries except Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Sony Music Entertainment is a general partnership registered in Delaware between Sony Music Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, and USCO Sub LLC (US Copyright Office).

Previously Sony Music Entertainment was known as Sony BMG Music Entertainment (between 2004 and 2008) and Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (between 1991 and 2004).

Parent Label:Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Sublabels:Alamo Records (5), All My Love, American Originals (2), ARC (3), Arc Of Light, Ariola, Arista, Arista France, Arista Records, AWA (4), ...
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Sony Music Entertainment
25 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10010-8601

Sony Music Entertainment, 550 Madison Avenue, 23rd Floor, New York NY 10022-3211

Sony Music Entertainment
550 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10022-3211

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