E.G. Records Ltd.


U.K. record company founded by David Enthoven and John Gaydon. Incorporated 29th Aug 1969.

E.G. Management Ltd. acted as the management company for King Crimson, T. Rex, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Roxy Music in the 70s. Gaydon left in 1971 and Enthoven in 1977. Sam Alder and Mark Fenwick took over the imprint in later years. Their EG and Editions EG labels were distributed by many different majors in various parts of the world.

In the late '80s Alder and Fenwick ran into severe financial problems thanks to the investments in Lloyds of London. According to Robert Fripp, "Artist royalty streams began to be diverted by the EG Music Group as loans to the EG-related Athol & Co." This prompted extensive legal battles with many of the artists they were involved with, most famously with Fripp. EG Records Ltd was sold to Virgin Records Group Ltd who themselves were bought by the Thorn Emi (predecessor of EMI Group Plc), prior to this acquisition on the 9th May 1991 the company was renamed Virgin EG Records Ltd.

Related record company:
E.G. Records, Inc. = U.S. branch of E.G. Records Ltd.

Related music publishers:
E.G. Music Ltd. = U.K. publishing company
E.G. Music, Inc. = U.S. branch of E.G. Music Ltd.
E.G. Music = undefined music publisher (may refer to either the U.K. or U.S. company)
EG Music Publishers Ltd. = U.K. music publishing company
EG Music Publishers Inc. = U.S. branch of EG Music Publishers Ltd.

Also appears on some releases as:
- E.G. Records Limited
- EG Records Limited
- EG Records Ltd.
- EG Records

Sublabels:E.G. Records (2), Editions EG, EG, Limelight Music
Contact Info:

Registered office address:
63A Kings Road
London, SW3 4NT

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