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Audio mastering division of Air Studios, started in 2006 with engineer Ray Staff at the legendary Air Lyndhurst Studios.

In August 2020 Air Mastering acquired Alchemy Mastering with its facilities and its main engineers Barry Grint, Phil Kinrade and Kevin Tuffy joining the team at AIR. The operations have been incorporated under the new brand: Alchemy Mastering At AIR, offering a whole range of analogue and digital mastering services.

NOTE: at this moment it is not quite clear, how any forthcoming mastering contributions of this new division will be credited on releases in future. As for the time being:
- please use Air Mastering, if credits appear as Air Mastering without any further reference to Alchemy.
- please use Alchemy Mastering, if credits appear as Alchemy or Alchemy Mastering or Alchemy Mastering Ltd. or Alchemy London ...
- please use/create Alchemy Mastering At AIR for any credits listed alike.

Engineers (as per Oct. 2020):
- Barry Grint
- Phil Kinrade
- Kevin Tuffy
- John Webber
- Cicely Balston
- Ray Staff (freelance, projects)
- Jasper Ward

Former engineers:
Matt Colton

Parent Label:Air Studios Ltd.
Contact Info:

Air Studios
Lyndhurst Hall
Lyndhurst Road
London NW3 5NG

t: +44 (0)20 7794 0623
f: +44 (0)20 7794 8518
e: [email protected]

Ray Staff - [email protected] , , MySpace , Facebook


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