Le Petit Prince


"Le Petit Prince" was founded in July 1993 by Klaus Derichs and Marc Romboy.
It was distributed via MMS Euro and N.E.W.S..
Labelcode LC 4645
The first 11 records are made in Belgium by Disco-Press.

Parent Label:Alphabet City
Sublabels:Friends, Limité
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    Amazing thing about digging into record label is you find companies like this. Truly underground records that to this day get forgotten. These guys were the pioneers to the music you listen to today in the electronic genre. Its important we never forgot them. O and im getting all your records lol.
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      wicked . . . . . . . . .
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        Edited 11 years ago
        Like many other labels from the decade, Le Petit Prince existed during the 90's in an era of prolific musical creativity, when the rave scene was new, wild, fresh and everything was possible. It released many, very different variations of styles, ranging from acid house by Emmanuel Top, to tasteful techno by The Microwave Prince, and even hardcore rave music made by RMB. It quickly became one of Germany’s most popular underground outputs, and one of the leading imprints for EDM in general. Managing to create their own musical revolution, the artists featured there knew what it takes to keep up the quality standards that the label was known for. The releases were much more than simple dance records: They became platforms of intellectual artistic beauty that could be enjoyed inside and outside the dancefloor, with the track's main ingredients being love and passion. Indeed: Le Petit Prince music is filled with emotion, in which the sounds of the analog machines are combined with landscapes and passages of sentimental atmosphere, and even in its fastest and rawest form, it doesn't fail to deliver messages of positive thinking to the crowds at the dancefloor. These guys kept the philosophy of the Little Prince, but with a special variation: "One hears clearly only with the heart. What is essential is unaudible to the ears."