Little Mountain Sound Studios


Canadian music recording facility located in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Also credited as:
- Mountain Sound
- Little Mt. Sound
- Little Mountain Sound
- Little Mountain Studios
- Little Mountain Sound Studio
- Little Mountain Sound Studios Ltd.
- Little Mountain Sound Studios, Ltd.
- The Little Mountain Sound Co.

It was started in 1972 as a 50/50 partnership between Western Broadcasting (CKNW radio) and Griffiths Gibson Productions (1976) Ltd. (GGP). Geoff Turner (3) was hired to design, build and managed the studio. There were two large recording studios, and several small recording and production spaces. In 1976 Turner left to start Pinewood Studios, Vancouver, BC.
After Turner's departure, Bob Brooks was hired to manage Little Mountain. In 1982 he bought the studio and owned it till another sale in 1992.
Bob Rock worked there since the late 70s till middle of the 90s.
Dave Slagter was an engineer there until the mid-1980s and was Chief Engineer from 1976 to 1978.
Roger Monk succeeded Slagter as Chief Engineer in 1978 and remained Chief Engineer until he left in 1990 to start his own studio.
Other known engineers: Allon Brooks, Mike Fraser, Chris Taylor (10).

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