EMI Unart Catalog Inc.


US-based music publishing company, affiliated with BMI (IPI #223437591). Operating under this name since 17 July 1989. Formerly known as SBK Unart Catalog Inc.
Formed following the acquisition of SBK Entertainment World Inc. (parent) by Thorn Emi Plc.

Also appears as:
- EMI Unart Catalog, Inc.
- EMI Unart Catalogue, Inc.
- EMI Unart Catalog Inc., USA

Please consider EMI Unart, EMI-Unart Co., EMI Unart Inc., EMI/Unart Corp., EMI Unart Music, EMI Unart Music Corp., EMI Unart Music Catalog, EMI Unart Music Catalog, Inc., EMI Unart Catalog, EMI Unart Catalog, Ltd., EMI Unart Catalog Music, Inc., EMI Unart Catalogue, if so credited.

NY company number: 863564
Incorporated: 24 August 1983 as CBS Unart Catalog, Inc.
First name change: 5 February 1987 to SBK Unart Catalog Inc.
Second name change: 17 July 1989 - this page

Parent Label:EMI Music Publishing
Sublabels:EMI Unart Catalog
Contact Info:

245 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101,
New York, NY 1006-8720

80 State Street
Albany 12207-2543
New York

104 W 29th Street
New York, NY 10001-5310

Phone: (212) 886-7500


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