Wally Heider Recording


Mobile and remote recording studio founded by Wally Heider, based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Please use this profile only for the mobile studio, for the physical studio location located in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, please see Wally Heider Recording Studio, Los Angeles.
For the recording studio that was located in San Francisco, please see Wally Heider Studios.

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Also referred to as:
- Wally Heider Recorders
- The Wally Heider Remote Facility
- Wally Heider Remote Truck
- Wally Heider's Mobile Recording Truck
- Wally Heiders's Mobile Studio
- Wally Heider Mobile Unit No. 1
- Wally Heider Mobile Sound

The mobile recording facility had a fleet of remote recording outfits, with four fully operative vans (one with 24-track recording capability), as well as a fifth mobile system. Jack Crymes was the chief remote engineer.


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