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International Deejay Gigolos is a German electronic music record label run by Hell (Helmut Geier).
Started 1996 in Munich as an affiliate of Disko B, Gigolo quickly established itself as an independent label specialized in Electro, House and Techno with 80's Synth-Pop, New Wave and Disco influences.
The first releases contain Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of the logo. The releases were later pasted over and finally had to be taken off the market. Sid Vicious was then used as part of the label logo. Amanda Lepore was also used frequently on records' labels.
P+C International Dee Jay Gigolo Records & Publishing GmbH & Co KG

Also seen on releases as:
- International DJ Gigolo Records

Sublabels:Gigolo Tapes, International DeeJay Gigolos, Picolo Records
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Label Manager: [email protected]

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