Optimal Media GmbH Shimmel

October 2, 2021
I've never had an issue with the quality of Optimal's work. All these complaints sound like people need to wash their records and change the stylus. My deluxe copy of MBV's Loveless looks and sounds fantastic. My Jarvis Cocker "Jarvis" looks and sounds incredible. My quadrilogy of Eno guessed it ... look and sound incredible (IN SPITE of being "half speed masters", but that is some Abbey Road nonsense, NOT Optimal). I could go on and on, but I'll leave it at that. I am thinking about getting RATM 's first LP ( mostly for nostalgia ) and If I do I will definitely seek out the reissue pressed at Optimal.

Optimal Media GmbH Robou

August 21, 2021
They don't seem to mind selling records that are full of scratches to their customers (and labels don't seem to care as well). What a disaster.

Optimal Media GmbH eLPiek

August 21, 2021
Very bad pressing of I like the music but this pressing plant totally ruined the sound. It's not clear sounding. Also both vinyl suffer from scratches.

Optimal Media GmbH jangrimm

August 23, 2021
You should not blame things on the plant that you do not know for sure. No plant can press a great sounding record if the input doesn't sound good already.

Optimal Media GmbH kyle15

June 30, 2021
Optimal has become Europe's cheap & quick turnaround go-to next to GZ. And that's not a good thing. The proof is in the pudding.

Optimal Media GmbH Lanakias1

June 12, 2021
edited 4 months ago
They have ruined so many good releases like or "Kate Bush" new remasters. You can listen many surface noise and static noise. They must fix their plants. This is unacceptable. Kevin Shields should press his new vinyl reissues at "Pallas". I will message them

Optimal Media GmbH as reviewed by hamsta007

June 2, 2021
Recently got my copy of Alcest - Ecailles de Lune and it sounds awful. They massacred the whole album. Such beautiful music and so poor pressing.

Optimal Media GmbH Watty

May 21, 2021
edited 5 months ago
Very bad pressing of Tracks A1, A2 & C1 are terrible !!! My other records (20) from this pressing plant are perfect.

Optimal Media GmbH werk91

May 7, 2021
Non-fill on most records in the last years. QC is severely lacking -_-

Optimal Media GmbH soukous25

April 22, 2021
this is a high-end german pressing plant? The quality of their pressigns is garbage . Audible scratches on a new records and a lot of distortions here and there. Its more like made in china than made in germany quality. From now on boycotting anything that has Optimal as a source.

Optimal Media GmbH leokats

August 9, 2021
The problem is that nowadays they print some amazing remasters that you won't be able to find in the vintage market or elsewhere :(

Optimal Media GmbH JATPL

July 5, 2021
I have completely stopped buying Optimal, GZ, MPO. They don’t manufacture records properly and they are unlistenable so what’s the point wasting money on them?

Optimal Media GmbH as reviewed by Ximeroni

March 2, 2021
I recently bought Marc Almond's "Chaos And A Dancing Star" that was pressed at this plant and I was surprised that a brand new, sealed record could be this noisy.

It was not only really dusty, but there are also marks that look like glue residue and superficial scratches. The marks can't be removed - neither with Isopropyl alcohol nor L'art du son nor my spin clean-type cleaning machine. There are also a lot of periodic clicks during playback and a rather high noise floor for a new record.

Optimal Media GmbH JATPL

July 5, 2021
edited 4 months ago
I bought and returned 3 copies of the black and 2 of the orange version of this lp. They were absolute garbage; warped, non-fill, pops all over the place. I bought the CD instead.

Optimal Media GmbH Playstation98

February 9, 2021
Genuinely I've had more problems with Pallas over these guys. Every record I have save for my Scott Walker - The Drift from these guys are great.

Optimal Media GmbH as reviewed by Novembernine

January 13, 2021
edited 9 months ago
The last 2 Optimal pressings I've bought have been damaged. One, a large, already out-of-print box set with a heavy scratch from the outside on one disc (which I had to take a discount on as no replacements were available), and today received an LP that looks like it was dropped on a concrete floor and danced on for a few minutes, which was also heavily off-centre.

I would no longer consider Optimal a wise choice for manufacture.

Optimal Media GmbH adammel

August 18, 2020
No superior German engineering here. (Sub) Optimal did a cheap and nasty 2012 pressing of Madonna's classic Like A Prayer. Filthy, warped, scratched, and artwork that looks like it was done on a home printer. Why do they release this garbage and think people won't care?

Optimal Media GmbH as reviewed by DogsCollection

January 22, 2020
The worst Optimal pressings in my collection usually equals to the best URP/Rainbo pressings in my experience. They have their occasional slip in quality control from time to time but most of the time their pressings are excellent.

Optimal Media GmbH as reviewed by patientot

September 28, 2019
Two things to be aware of with this plant:

1) The vinyl pressings range in quality from exemplary to awful. It's very much luck of the draw. Like the lower end U.S. plants, they still seem to have issues with getting records perfectly centered (watch for tonearm sway) and non-fill can be an issue. Pressing warps from sleeving the records before they are fully cooled also happen sometimes.

2) Their CD manufacturing processes are utter crap. If you buy a few discs from here you will encounter ones with loads of digital errors that refuse to produce a secure rip when using a program like EAC or dBpoweramp. Expect multiple tries or long ripping times with these programs. You can ignore the opinions of folks that use low-end non-secure ripping programs because they have no idea if their rips have errors or not.

Optimal Media GmbH fauxdisqueaux

June 14, 2020
I am filled with dread when I buy a CD and see it was manufactured by Optimal, as they take f o r e v e r to rip.

Optimal Media GmbH movceo

October 15, 2019
My biggest issue with their pressings are inner sleeve scratches! Just like GZ, their vinyl compound seems to scratch really easily, especially when packaged in a glossy or cardboard sleeve. If it comes packaged in a poly-lined inner, the record is usually as clean as any pressings you'll ever find.

Optimal Media GmbH vellozet

October 4, 2019
Absolutely right concerning mentioned ripping problems. I own a few CDs (Groove compilation series) that totally refuse to get ripped!!!!! I had no bad experiences with vinyl cuts though.

Optimal Media GmbH as reviewed by mcalphax

September 5, 2019
I really don't know why everyone is complaining about issues here. Of all 30 of my records that were pressed here only one had a real pressing defect and another one had the labels mixed up. Other than that these guys pressed some of the best-sounding records in my collection, including the Beatles in Mono reissues, the Loveless remaster, Plastic Beach, the Kraftwerk remasters and more. These would never have sounded as good if they were pressed by the likes of GZ Media, URP or Rainbo.

Optimal Media GmbH JATPL

December 12, 2020
edited 10 months ago
In the past 3 months alone, I have bought 15 records manufactured by Optimal and all of them, every single one, had at least one of the following pressing flaws: warps, non-fill distortion, clicks ticks and pops at the start of sides, hissing at the very end of sides in the fade-outs of the songs, inner sleeves creased from the morons in the factory who can't seem to understand that pulling the sleeve back to insert the record not only scratches them but leaves jagged creases across the artwork, bits of crud pressed under the grooves causing loud pops, random clicks and pops from scratches, which should not be on brand new records and off-centre madness. They are awful. I have just put Efterklang's new album into the post to return as well as junking a copy of Thom Yorke's Suspiria, which was unplayable. Between them, MPO and GZ, they will be the death of vinyl. You cannot ask consumers to spend 30, 40, 50 in any currency on something, which is so poorly manufactured and expect people to keep coming back for more. Everyone is complaining because they're generally awful; the fact that you can have people saying they are a disaster area and others saying I don't know what the fuss is about tells you how poor the QC standards are. I could give you a long, long list of pressings to avoid, which are manufactured by them. And yes, United, Rainbo and many other US pressing houses are awful too but Optimal is Optimal in name only.

Optimal Media GmbH bruno8586

April 15, 2019
The masters they seem to churn out sound fiarly good to my ears, unfortunately in the materials department their handling of the vinyl material itself they leave a lot to be desired with, it is unacceptable for first tier records to present printing defects, i can even understand/accept a relatively small amount of dust or debris that will not mean permanent damage to the tracks but other permanent defects that can be observed in these guys' pressings are not acceptable at all. Shame since at least one of the most recent pressings i own sounds really well mastered and i wanted to enjoy it a lot.