Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Scranton


Pressing plant for Capitol Records, Inc., located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In operation from March 26, 1946 to 1973.

In March 1944, Capitol Records, Inc., and Scranton Record Company (originally the Scranton Button Company, founded 1885) entered a contract that gave Capitol the option to buy the plant. On March 26, 1946, Capitol Records, Inc., fully acquired Scranton Record Company and Scranton Record Distributing Corporation for $2 million.

From June 23 to September 1, 1959, the Scranton plant was on strike due to a labor dispute with the International Association of Machinists' union (IAM-AFL), and records during this strike were often contract-pressed at RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis, instead (e.g., The George Shearing Quintet - Latin Escapade).

In 1969, Capitol started transferring operations from Scranton to their newly built Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Winchester, Virginia, plant, but pressing continued here until 1973 when it shut down.

In November 1973, the plant began operating under new ownership as North American Music Industries.

Identifying vinyl records pressed at Scranton:
A 1½" (38mm) diameter pressing ring (not a unique feature since the other Capitol plants — Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Winchester — also use this configuration).

Pressings up to 1963 have an "Anvil / Lathe" symbol ("") stamped in the runouts.
When adding to runouts, please use "[Anvil symbol]" instead of a Unicode symbol.
When in combination with another pressing plant identifier, use Mastered At - Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Scranton
This symbol is sometimes referred to as "square with triangle up." A keeper of the Capitol Scranton Plant Facebook page (site below) identifies the anvil-type symbol as the U.S. Capitol dome, tying in with the Capitol Records logo.
Example: Art Tatum Trio - The Art Tatum Trio

Pressings from 1963 to 1973 have "I A M in triangle" (a triangle with letters "I" over "A M" inside) stamped in the runouts.
The "IAM" stood for the International Association of Machinists' union whose members worked at the Scranton plant.
Example: Ella Fitzgerald - 30 By Ella

Pressings from 1973 or later, when the plant was operated by North American Music Industries, returned to the "Anvil / Lathe" symbol stamped in the runouts.
Example: The Heat (25) - Instant Love / High School Sweater

Additionally, some Scranton pressings may also include a stamped ampersand ("&") in the runouts, indicating stampers originating from stereo-cut lacquers. In this case, please credit "Mastered At" in LCCN.
Example: The George Shearing Quintet - Mood Latino

See images on this profile page for examples of the "Anvil / Lathe" and "I A M in triangle" symbols, as well as the ampersand.

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Capitol Records, Inc., Scranton Plant
300 Brook Street
Scranton 1, Pa. 18501
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