Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles


Pressing plant including metalwork for Capitol Records in Los Angeles, California.
(Note: This profile is being researched. If you have a submission prior to 1947, please post an image of the pressing stamp.)

The pressing stamp resembles a "star" (for Hollywood), which evolved from a five-pointed star (☆) to a six-pointed star (✲), and circa 1965, began appearing as a basic asterisk. (A confirmation from 1947 shows the star as "☆" (Jerry Colonna - Here Comes... Colonna's Trolley), and circa 1964, as "✲" (The Hollyridge Strings - The Beach Boys Songbook: Romantic Instrumentals By The Hollyridge Strings.) Los Angeles pressings from 1971 onwards had a 1 9/16" (1.5625" or 39.69 mm) diameter pressing ring, a 11/32" (0.34375" or 8.73 mm) ring around the spindle hole on side A, and a 17/32" (0.53125" or 13.49 mm) ring around the spindle hole on side B. [Before 1971 it was the standard 1 1/2" (1.5" or 38.1 mm) diameter pressing ring.]

Note: If an "RCA" etch accompanies the stamp, this likely means that the pressing was on a contract basis by RCA Records Pressing Plant, Hollywood, with metalwork supplied by Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles (e.g., The Beatles - I Feel Fine / She's A Woman).

Additional and complementary identifiers for Warner Bros. releases that were pressed by Capitol had the following codes on the lacquer numbers:
- LW - for Los Angeles plant (Do not confuse with Longwear Plating)
- JW - for Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Jacksonville
- WW - for Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Winchester

The Los Angeles plant was purchased by Capitol in late 1945 and closed in 1981 due to a fire.

Contact Info:

2121 North San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, California

[in 1960s - '70s:]
3061 Fletcher Drive - P.O. Box 65856
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(213) 254-2551


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