MCA Pressing Plant, Gloversville


For records pressed prior to June 1970 with "Mfr'd by Decca Records Inc." or "MCA Inc." on the labels, please use Decca Records Pressing Plant, Gloversville.
Defunct US-American record pressing plant located in Gloversville, NY. Originally founded in 1931 by the Brunswick Radio Corporation. From 1953 to June 1970, the plant was operated as Decca Records Pressing Plant, Gloversville, until renamed by the parent MCA Records, which operated it from June 1970 until closing when it (and MCA) became part of the Universal Music Group. Gloversville was closed on 6 May 2005; Universal test pressings through closure are labeled "Universal Test Pressing, Gloversville Plant".

Runout Identifiers:
- From 1970 to January 1973, pressings can be identified by a stamped numeral '1' or etched stick '1' in runouts.
- After January 1973, pressings can be identified by a '⧈-G-⧈' (2 boxes with a 'G' in the center) stamp in runouts.
- The '1' re-appeared after 1990.
- Contract pressings for other labels often carry an 'MCA NY' etch in runouts.
Label Identifiers:
- Decca pressings from this plant can sometimes be identified by a '◉', '✤' or '*' symbol printed at the end of the B side label matrix numbers, though these markings are not always reliable (as labels were sometimes used by other pressing plants), and should be applied with caution. If in doubt, kindly consult the forum.
- Atlantic/ATCO Records pressings from this pressing plant can be identified by a 'DCE' suffix in the label matrix numbers (which stood for Decca Custom East).
- After 1980, pressings on MCA and distributed labels have Side markers set in all-caps ("SIDE ONE"), with track listings center-justified.
- K-Tel releases may have Plant Code '09' or 'G' printed on the labels.
- London Records and associated labels often have Plant Code 'GL' printed on the labels.
Pressing Ring Measurement
- From 1970 until closure, MCA Gloversville used the ~1" (31/32") pressing ring adopted by Decca in 1963. 31/32" pressing ring alone is not sufficient proof of an MCA Gloversville pressing since MCA Pressing Plant, Pinckneyville also used this pressing ring size.

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