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Toronto, Ontario, Canada based independent record label founded in May 1977 by Ray Danniels and Vic Wilson.
Use Anthem (5) as the label, regardless of which logo.
Some company logos are Anthem Records Inc., Anthem Records Of Canada, Anthem Records & Cassettes and Anthem Records & Tapes.

May 1977 - Mar. 1978 - Distributed by Polydor.
Mar. 1978 - Oct. 1989 - Distributed by Capitol-EMI
Oct. 1989 - Oct. 1995 - Distributed by CBS (later Sony)
Oct. 1995 - present - Distributed by MCA (now Universal)

The first CDs distributed by MCA sometimes used the older CBS inserts, and catalogue numbers, with a sticker placed over the previous distributor's details and a new barcode, however, the discs themselves have the new catalogue number.

Non-CD cat#s
Initial Anthem vinyl and 8-track releases had the cat# ANR-X-XXXX and 8AN-X-XXXX respectively. The first X indicates the number of discs and the last 4 Xs are the release number.

Later, vinyl was reissued in a budget priced form with the cat# ANR-X-6XX (sometimes ANR-6XX) where the final Xs are the last two digits of the original release. The 8-tracks were replaced with cassettes and the cat# replaced with 4AN as the prefix.

CD cat#s
ANC - Distributed by Capitol-EMI
ANK, WANK and VANK - Distributed by CBS/Sony (V and W indicate mid-price codes)
AND and ANMD - Distributed by MCA/Universal.
ANBD - Non-Rush titles distributed by MCA/Universal.

Other CD codes: ANT, WANT, WAGT, WAGK
Columbia House and BMG Direct versions do not follow these codes consistently.

Parent Label:Anthem Records Inc.


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