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Label Code: LC 0160, LC 00160
Dutch label and record company founded as CNR by Cornelis Nicolas Rood shortly before World War II.

There are 3 possible label appearances for this Dutch label & record company. CNR Music is the most common one and was used as a label on the majority of the releases before 1994. In the late 80's and early 90's some releases used the slightly different label appearance CNR Records.

The company continued to grow rapidly over the years and opened divisions in several other European countries, like Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway. Early 1993 it was taken over by the Arcade Entertainment Holding, part of the Dutch Arcade Group and in 1994 the company name and label was altered to CNR Music.

The entire Scandinavian catalogue including releases on CNR Music Norway, CNR Music Sweden and its subsidiary labels were eventually purchased by EMG from Roadrunner Records who obtained the rights in 1998 after which they were bought by PCA/Modern Entertainment.

Both names, CNR and CNR Records, are still used today as a record company for marketing, manufacturing and distribution as well. Please use them exactly as on release. On some releases the record company can also be indicated as CNR Records B.V. or B.V. Grammofoonplatenmaatschappij CNR.

The record company kept working under its own name and it even survived the demise of Arcade about a decade later.

Parent Label:Arcade
Sublabels:Big Sleep Records (2), Bit Music Belgium, CNR Music France, CNR Music Germany, CNR Music Grooves, CNR Music International, CNR Music Nederland, CNR Music Norway, CNR Music Special Products, CNR Music Sweden AB, ...
Contact Info:

CNR Music Denmark, Norway & Sweden
EMG Records, CNR Non Stop
PCA/Modern Entertainment

[email protected]


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