Italian Eurobeat / Hi-NRG label founded in 1990. Owned by Giancarlo Pasquini and Alberto Contini. Early releases were distributed by Non Stop S.p.A..

Very first releases were released in white and blue labels with a shark image on top. Then it was changed to blueish labels where was a blue image of person. Lastly they jumped multiple hundred catalog numbers forward with ABeat 1999 release and started using a new label layout which was galaxy themed but there was still the same image of person as on earlier labels but this time it was made of stars connected to each others.

In January 2021, A.Beat-C. began releasing their catalogue online (through Believe SAS and Avex Inc.) in various digital platforms worldwide. These reissues were sampled directly from the original vinyl records, using only a DAC (from APOGEE) and without any remastering.

Parent Label:Rodgers & Contini Records
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Mantua, Italy

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