Russian: АнТроп · The logo reads: AnTrop (sometimes erroneously interpreted as Anfon, Anson, or Anton), with a capital Latin letter R inside the O..
In 1993-1994 he released under the name of Santa Records.

Russian label which was named after the legendary Russian underground producer and sound engineer, Андрей Тропилло, who started releasing a series of classic Rock albums in the early 90s. These releases were not legitimate. They started with material by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and eventually Pink Floyd, Stooges and Sonic Youth.

Sleeves made of very cheap paper, often printed on the other side of the sleeves of their own sleeves or maps.
Design sleeves are almost always different from the original.

Sublabels:Antrop Studio, Los Pills Records, Santa Records, Рок На Костях, Студия Андрея Тропилло В Доме Юного Техника На Охте
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