Black Hole Recordings


Owned by Arny Bink. DJ Tiësto co-owned Black Hole Recordings until 2009 when he sold his part of the company to Arny.
Black Hole Recordings was founded in the fall of 1997. Well-known as the company of DJ Tiësto and his Magik and Space Age compilation series, Black Hole started to release their own magikal stories on vinyl.
Name variation:
- Black Hole Records

Company also had a record-store named Magik: The Record Store which was located at Nieuwstraat 46 in Breda, but it closed down in 2006. The shop's logo was the same as the first editions of the Magik mix compilations.

Parent Label:Black Hole Recordings B.V.
Sublabels:+ 31 Music, Ace Of Clubs Recordings, Adagio Records (2), Afterdark (3), Afterdark (4), Airborne Artists Agency, Alumni Records (2), Auditory Recordings, Avanti (3), Be The Change Records, ...
Contact Info:

Black Hole Recordings B.V.
P.O. Box 7042
NL-4800 GA Breda
The Netherlands

Phone: +31(0)76 520 9805
Fax: +31(0)76 513 8103
Email: [email protected] , Facebook , MySpace , X , Soundcloud , YouTube


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