Nacksving was a record company within the Swedish music movement that was started in 1975 in Gothenburg by Tommy Rander.
Nacksving was led by the music movement's spokesman Tommy Rander but was collectively owned by the musicians who released records at the company. Nacksving mainly released records with Gothenburg-based prog artists. This included the groups that had the most clearly stated and correct left-wing messages and that made it through the listening group's eye of the needle. Bands such as Nationalteatern, Nynningen and Motvind but also Björn Afzelius joined Nacksving after Hoola Bandoola Band was dissolved. Records were also released with, among others, Lars Aldman, Blues Annika, Cono Sur, The Dirty Dogs, Lonely Hearts, Huntington Band, Skrotbandet, Soffgruppen, Svartvitt, Text & Musik and Yalsa Band.
Nacksving went bankrupt in 1981, whereupon the studio was bought by Rander himself, who then started the record company Transmission. Nacksving's premises are tucked away in the bedrock of Gothenburg's ring wall, on historic land, right next to the underground passages at the Carolus Rex bastion.

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