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Low Self Discipline is the label where “Music feels good!” "I began Low Self Discipline in 1995 in response to the dominant music industry climate of low-quality pop music. Our mission was simple: create respectable, limited release, highly-sought after, quality music. Our first release was from The Dereliks with the historic independent EP "A Turn on the Wheel is Worth More than a Record Deal..." ..Little did we know that the Dereliks would become forerunners for the burgeoning independent hip-hop movement, and become central to the world famous bay area hip-hop scene of the 90s. A Turn on the Wheel had an immediate impact on die-hard hip-hop fans, which led to respect both for the group and the record label, even if critical acclaim did not arrive until many years after the records release... ..After the Dereliks EP release we moved into other aspects of the industry, namely artist management and film. However, with the music industry once again dominated by low-quality pop music, it is time for LSD to return with fresh quality music from the artists such as the Dereliks own DJ Hen Boogie, Jeni Fujita, Lackadaisical, B.o.o.k.s.ONE, and Kissey Asplund... ..It sounds like art because it is art... ..Our goal is for listening to music from Low Self to be like listening to music for the first time again..."
- DJ Hen Boogie



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