Deep Distance


Named after the mighty Ashra track from "New Age of Earth", it's early releases were inspired by the killer run of colour themed private press series of LPs by Conrad Schnitzler; colour coded with embossed head logos, wraparound sleeves in numbered editions with several inserts.

At first it was thought that the label would act as a vehicle for 10 of these LPs only, then fold; and was partly the reason why the brazen theft of the Delta-Acustic 'head' logo was used.

Now run in tandem with the more minimal synth / DIY electronics of the Polytechnic Youth label, Deep Distance is -at time of writing- planning it's 55th release. Listening to it's releases, a love of the kraut | motorik groove is key, but the label's primary love is what you might call the 'second generation' of krautrockers; stuff like the Sky records catalogue of Wolfgang Riechmann / Streetmark, Gunter Schickert, Deutsche Wertarbeit, Tyndall etc etc; is as equally revered round Deep Distance parts as Neu! Cluster, Harmonia and co....

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