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Universal Manufacturing & Logistics GmbH. CD and DVD manufacturing plant in Langenhagen, Germany, operating under this name between 1999 and 2005.
Officially established on 01 April 1999 (after Seagram combined PolyGram and MCA into Universal Music Group). Previously named PMDC, Germany.

CDs are identifiable by SID Mould code IFPI 01xx, by the 8-digit serial# [5xxxxxxx] or [5xxxx xxx] at the end of the matrix # and/or by "MADE IN GERMANY BY UNIVERSAL M & L" stamped in disc hub. This 5xxxxxxx matrix number may be entered in LCCN as a catalog# for Universal M & L, Germany. The same matrix numbering scheme was continued by successor EDC, Germany.

Since 2004, CD matrices usually include 4 Universal logos in outer ring.

CD Matrix patterns 2000-2005:
XXXXX XXX XXX-X 0X [°] 5xxxxxxx (pan-European releases on Universal Music Group and its labels/companies)
0XXXX 5xxxx xxx 0X [°] 5xxxxxxx (promos, Universal Music Group releases in other European markets, releases manufactured for other labels/companies/clients)

DVD Matrix patterns 2000-2004 are almost the same but they also include number 50 or 51 before 0X (pattern repeated in inner ring sometimes with slightly different numbers).
In 2005, "MADE BY UML" was added to the start of DVD matrix string and 6 or 4 Universal logos replaced the matrix text in inner ring.

Mastering SID codes and corresponding mid-matrix digit:
[°] = / - IFPI L001
[°] = # - IFPI L008
[°] = + - IFPI L002 (until mid-2003)
[°] = - IFPI LV26 (since late 2003)

Sequential glass master numbers (approx. by release years):
1999: 5088x xxx-5094x xxx (earliest discs also 5087x xxx, see below)
2000: 5094x xxx-5110xxxx (excluding 50968000-51013999, see below)
2001: 5109xxxx-5124xxxx (no 51150000-51189999)
2002: 5123xxxx-5134xxxx (no 51298000-51309999)
2003: 5133xxxx-5146xxxx
2004: 5145xxxx-5156xxxx
2005: 5156xxxx-5164xxxx

Earliest Universal M & L, Germany CDs can be identified by "MADE IN GERMANY" (and additional letters ranging from A to ZZ on the opposite side) in inner ring. For these releases, please only credit Universal M & L, Germany with LCCN entry in conjunction with matrix #s 5087x xxx or higher as this hub text was also used by predecessor PMDC, Germany before April 1999.

"MADE IN GERMANY BY UNIVERSAL M & L" CD hub stamp appeared after May 1999 around matrix # 5088x xxx. During the first year, only [5xxxx xxx] plant codes were used but these were not present in most matrices. Since approx. June 2000, all Universal M & L, Germany glass masters also included new [5xxxxxxx] codes without space at the end of the matrix string. Matrix #s between 50968000-51013999 were used for reissues and compilations, some not before 2005 by successor EDC, Germany. The UNIVERSAL M & L stamp was in use until at least August 2005 around # 5164xxxx.

DVDs manufactured by the plant did not include any hub stamps until 2005 (only A to Z letters), but Universal M & L, Germany discs still can be identified by above matrix patterns and SID codes. All such DVDs without Universal logos in inner ring (1999-2004) and discs with "MADE BY UML" matrix text (2005) can be credited with Universal M & L, Germany LCCN entry and [5xxxxxxx] cat#(s). Please do not enter # 50994213 which sometimes appears in inner ring on label side.

Even though there was no vinyl pressing plant in Langenhagen, recording, vinyl mastering and lacquer cutting was still undertaken by the "Universal Recording Services" (URS), and is identifiable by a 320 in the runouts. The recording centre was located in the Emil Berliner Haus.
On 2000, the name "Emil Berliner Studios" is adopted as new name for all services of the previous Recording Centre (e.g. implementation of recording sessions, recording practice and technology, mastering of tapes and the keeping of archives).

Effective May 31, 2005, the company / plant was sold to EDC and renamed EDC GmbH (EDC, Germany).

Universal M & L, Germany = U.M.L.

Parent Label:Universal M & L
Contact Info:

Universal Manufacturing & Logistics GmbH
Emil-Berliner-Strasse 13
30851 Langenhagen
Tel: +49 511 9720


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