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American noise-rock label from Saint Peters, MO.

Originally founded as a comic book company in Chicago by Mark Fischer (5) with the support of his school friend Rob Syers, Their first publication was SKiN GRAFT COMiX #1, a copy shop job out in 1986.
A few years later Dazzling Killmen asked if Mark would like to do some comics for a 7-inch they were doing. That's when SKiN GRAFT started putting out records. The first release was a split 7-inch by Dazzling Killmen with Mother's Day, in an edition of 500 copies. Rob wasn't really interested in doing a record label, but he contributed comics and art to a lot of the early releases.

The label is known for lavish packaging and released a number of highly acclaimed artists from all over the world, including Zeni Geva, Melt-Banana, Ruins, Mount Shasta, The Flying Luttenbachers, Arab On Radar, Koenjihyakkei, and many others.

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SKiN GRAFT Records
P.O. Box 551
St. Peters, MO
63367, USA

E: [email protected]

Skin Graft Records
P.O. Box 257546
Chicago, IL 60625
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