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American noise-rock label from Saint Peters, MO.

Originally founded as a comic book company in Chicago by Mark Fischer (5) with the support of his school friend Rob Syers, Their first publication was SKiN GRAFT COMiX #1, a copy shop job out in 1986.
A few years later Dazzling Killmen asked if Mark would like to do some comics for a 7-inch they were doing. That's when SKiN GRAFT started putting out records. The first release was a split 7-inch by Dazzling Killmen with Mother's Day, in an edition of 500 copies. Rob wasn't really interested in doing a record label, but he contributed comics and art to a lot of the early releases.

The label is known for lavish packaging and released a number of highly acclaimed artists from all over the world, including Zeni Geva, Melt-Banana, Ruins, Mount Shasta, The Flying Luttenbachers, Arab On Radar, Koenjihyakkei, and many others.

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Contact Info:

SKiN GRAFT Records
P.O. Box 551
St. Peters, MO
63367, USA

E: [email protected]

Skin Graft Records
P.O. Box 257546
Chicago, IL 60625
USA , MySpace , Facebook , X , YouTube , Soundcloud


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  • gdawz's avatar
    As I'd ordered some back catalogue from the label and noticed the copies I received were Manufacture On Demand CDs that differed slightly from the versions I saw listed here, I contacted the label to verify the differences. So, for the curious (like m'self), the following is the response I got from label founder Mark Fischer, who also kindly agreed to my posting the info here:

    "If (the SG Paypal shop) says MOD CD, then it is a CDr.

    The MOD CD’s are professionally made and I’ve been very happy with them - they are durable, high-grade discs with a silver coat playing surface. It allows us to continue to offer music physically in the CD format, where lots of our peers seem to be giving up on them. Which is a shame - I love vinyl, but I also love CDs."

    "When something is released on CD vs MOD CD depends - in part, on estimated sales. The last few releases: the upcoming Arab on Radar “Yahweh" releases, Cellular Chaos, Lovely Little Girls, Sax Ruins and Doomsday Student have all been standard “pressed CDs”, but we’ll be making more MOD CDs in the future.

    So far, three titles: Camp Skin Graft "Now Wave” comp, Ruins "1986-1992", Arab On Radar "Soak The Saddle” had standard CD releases, but were later reissued as MOD CDs. The barcodes are different and artwork is slightly different."