Also appears as "Volt Records".
Subsidiary of the legendary soul/R&B label Stax. In June 1977, a year and a half after Stax went bankrupt, the company's masters were purchased by Fantasy, Inc., which periodically revived the Stax and Volt logos for new recordings, in addition to reissuing older material.
For all unofficial / bootleg copies of this label please use Volt (2)
The first Volt label was yellow with black printing. Above the center hole is "VOLT RECORDS" in black, underneath the logo is a black rectangle with a yellow lightning bolt in it. At the bottom of the label is Distributed by ATCO Record Sales Co. This label was used on the 400 series. The yellow label without the "Distributed by ATCO Record Sales Co." also sometimes appears on the 6000 series up to VOS-6017, through a pressing plant mistake at the Monarch, Louisiana, plant. The second label was dark blue with black printing, on the right side is a red lightning bolt with a black "VOLT" with white shadow. This label was used on the 6000 series to at least VOS-6017. The third label was orange with black printing, a yellow lightning bolt from the top through the center hole, above the center hole is "VOLT" in white letters. This label was used from VOS-6018 through the end of the 6000 series and on the 9500 series.

The 400 series was distributed by Atlantic Records. The entire 400 series was available in both monaural and stereo (or rechanneled stereo). There were white label promos issued of the 400 series, all of them in monaural.

Parent Label:Stax
Sublabels:Mikim Series
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Volt Records
926 East McLemore
Tennessee 38106 ,


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