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US label; also appears as "Savoy" only; previously part of the Concord Music Group.
Label Code: LC 37345

For unofficial releases, see Savoy Records (4).
Savoy Records is an American record label founded in 1942 by Herman Lubinsky, specializing in Jazz, R&B and Gospel. Savoy played an important role in popularizing bebop. The gospel music division's masters and contracts were sold to southern R&B/blues/gospel label Malaco Records in 1986. In 1991, the Savoy catalogue was acquired from Joe Fields by Denon from Japan. Denon's parent, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd., established the Savoy Label Group in 2002. The Savoy Label Group managed the Savoy catalogue until September 2017, when it was acquired by Concord Music.

For the companies, see:
-Savoy Record Co.
-Savoy Record Co., Inc.
-Savoy Records, Inc.

Note that many of the Savoy 12" LPs were reissued in the 1960s & 1970s. LPs released between 1950-1962 have "blood red" labels. The first release to solely sport "maroon" labels is MG-12169 (Sun Ra ‎– The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra). However, due to the inconsistency of pressing plants, a few later releases have been found with "blood red" labels as well (most notably MG-12193, "The Marzette Watts Ensemble"). 1960s reissues of older titles will have "maroon" labels, 1970s "oxblood". All releases prior to Valdo Williams - New Advanced Jazz do not include a zip code or P.O. Box on the rear cover.

Savoy in France:
A good example to understand variants is MG 12046 The Modern Jazz Quartet - The Quartet released five times for each "period".

- since mid-50's : Savoy red labels The Modern Jazz Quartet - The Quartet
- mid-60's : Savoy-Musidisc red labels The Modern Jazz Quartet - Anthology MJQ
- 1969 to early 70's : BYG Records black or orange labels The Modern Jazz Quartet - The Modern Jazz Quartet
- mid-70's Musidisc grey labels The Modern Jazz Quartet - First Recordings 1952
- 1978 : Savoy/Arista red labels Milt Jackson - The First Q

Parent Label:Orchard Enterprises NY, Inc.
Sublabels:Acorn Records (7), All Star Blues Series, All Star Series (2), All Star Swing Series, Gospel (6), Grande Réserve Savoy, Jazz De Notre Temps, New Jazz Series, New Sounds In Modern Music, New Trends Of Jazz, ...
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