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Full legal name:Polygram Manufacturing & Distribution Centres GmbH. Operating under this name from January 1993 until March 1999.
Distribution and manufacturing company with a CD manufacturing plant in Langenhagen, Germany.
Even though there was no vinyl pressing plant in Langenhagen anymore, recording, vinyl mastering and lacquer cutting was undertaken by the "PolyGram Recording Services", and is identifiable by a 320 in the runouts. In 1996, the recording services moved into a new building on the company premises in Langenhagen, called Emil Berliner Haus.

Former plant names: PDO, Germany (1986-1991) and PRS Hannover (1991-1992).

CDs are identifiable by SID Mould code "IFPI 01xx", some also by the 8-digit serial# [50xxx xxx] or [50xxxxxx] as part of the matrix # and /or by "MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC" in mould hub. Serial numbers [50xxx xxx] and [50xxxxxx] may be entered as a catalog# for PMDC, Germany in LCCN. If "Made in Germany by PMDC" is printed on the CD, be aware, the mould of the CD doesn't credit a succeeding plant.

Please do not credit PMDC, Germany based entirely on the presence of a mould SID code beginning with 01xx or the 8-digit serial#, because preceding and succeeding plants (PDO, Germany, Universal M & L, Germany, EDC, Germany) used that code and/or serial# as well, and PMDC was often repressing CDs but left the old artwork of the preceding plants. The 8-digit serial# rarely appeared on CDs manufactured for PolyGram labels (majority of PMDC discs have no plant # in matrix).

CDs with "MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC" in capital letters have the additional letter from A to ... on the opposite side of the inner CD ring. Igor Stravinsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Anton Webern, Pierre Boulez - Maurizio Pollini - Pétrouchka / Sonate No. 7 / Variationen Op. 27 / Sonate No. 2

Mould hub stamp "MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC" in inner ring was in use from the middle of 1993 until the beginning of 1999, correlating with matrix #s 5034x xxx-5080x xxx.
Releases with PMDC stamp and <5034xxxx #s should be considered represses. Stamp font changed in late 1997 (primary image shows new font, second image original one).

In January 1999, stamp was shortened to "MADE IN GERMANY". PMDC, Germany can still be credited in LCCN with these releases, but only in conjunction with matrix #s between 5080x xxx-5084x xxx as successor Universal M & L, Germany also used this hub stamp until at least May 1999.

Renamed to Universal Manufacturing & Logistics GmbH (Universal M & L, Germany), effective April 1, 1999.

Parent Label:Polygram Manufacturing & Distribution Centres GmbH
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PolyGram Manufacturing & Distribution Centres GmbH
Klusriede 26
30851 Langenhagen


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