Witching Hour Productions

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Polish metal record label.

Sublabels:Revolution Records (16), Witching Hour (4)
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Witching Hour Productions
ul. Armii Ludowej 78
15-170 Białystok

e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +48 514 104 299 , Facebook , Instagram , Bandcamp , Soundcloud


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  • stoffel_prutske's avatar
    New owners since last year. Better and more honest treatment of customers.
    • TerrorB's avatar
      TOTAL RIP-OFFS!!!!!!!

      Ordered them the Vader demos LP and a ROOT Lp. The Vader LP Was a pre order so i got a couple updates, but after a while nothing anymore and they never answer to emails!
      • putridmetal's avatar
        RIP-OFF label, they owe me a huge wholesale order since 2020!
        • HerrTreblinka's avatar
          Disgraceful behavioural pattern, better not to support this label by any means, not even by buying from third party sources.
          • stoffel_prutske's avatar
            Ordered for about 250 euro between November 2020 and February 2021. All of them pre-orders. Nothing received. Scammers and rip-offs. Beware!
            • stiletas's avatar
              This label is a scam, never received my items, they ignore all emails and phone calls. They have to be reported to the police.
              • Vitrol's avatar
                I ordered Batushka stuff worth around 160 euros in Jan/Feb 2021.
                Not received anything.
                Tried reaching out to Batushka on Facebook, Instagram, and messenger.
                They don't answer, they delete any comments on Facebook and Instagram when you ask.
                A month ago I got an email saying it was packed and ready for shipping, but no news after that.
                I have several friends who also got screwed over by this band and label.

                Do not support this band or Label!

                • runelov's avatar
                  Edited 2 years ago
                  I would not advise ordering direct from this label. Pre-ordered in Feb 2021, order was supposedly prepared for shipping in July 2021 but never received any tracking information. Have contacted them several times, and they seem to have a policy of not answering emails. Tried resolving this via Paypal, but since this was a preorder and I did not file the claim within 180 days of ordering, the claim was rejected. As of Feb 2022 I still have not received what I ordered.
                  • TheKeaneR's avatar
                    Rip-off label, please follow my advice : never buy something to them, because you will never receive it.
                    • Guillaume_Edelweiss's avatar
                      BE CAREFUL : TOTAL RIP-OFF LABEL ! Do NOT buy from them !