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Impress was a vinyl, optical disc, and audio cassette manufacturer established in 1994 by the Chrysalis Group. The company later became independent after two of the original Chrysalis employees became the owners. Impress began in-house CD/DVD duplication in 2000, but does not appear to have been a replicator.

Name variations include:
Impress Productions Ltd.
Impress Music Ltd.

Important notes:
· Impress was a broker of CD and DVDs, not a replicator itself. Please use the Manufactured By role in LCCN when Impress is named in the disc matrix.
· It has not been agreed to enter any matrix number string in LCCN with Impress. If you believe there are valid matrix numbers that may relate to Impress, please open a forum discussion.

For CDs/DVDs manufactured in 2006-09 through Impress with SID codes IFPI L135/L136 and 04**, you may be able to credit EDC Blackburn Ltd in LCCN as instructed on its profile.

Contact Info:

Unit 5
Northfield Industrial Estate
Beresford Avenue

Tel: 020 8795 0101
Fax: 020 8795 0303
Email: [email protected] , MySpace


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