Goldisc Recording Products, Inc.


US pressing plant on Long Island in Holbrook, New York formerly known as Sonic Recording Products, Inc., its name was changed to Goldisc by parent company Viewlex, Inc. in 1975. After Viewlex declared bankruptcy in 1976, the company reorganized as ElectroSound Group in 1978. Goldisc operated until closure in 1983.

Runout identifiers:
- GOLD DISC or GOLD DISK etched into runout grooves - example
- GOL or GoL etched into runout grooves - example
- G.D. or GD-# etched into runout grooves - example
- K-#### or K-##### for 12" records and LPs (e.g. K-7572 / K-7573 or K-10356 / K-10357);
- S-#### for 7" records (e.g. S-7981 / S-7982).

Both numbers can be added as company numbers, see this example for reference.

Note: An additional "SO", "SOL", "SON" in the runouts indicates that the metal parts were originally made by Sonic Recording Products, Inc.

Centre label identifiers
16: on US Mercury, Polydor, PolyGram, Fontana and related labels.
18: on US K-Tel releases.
A: on US A&M Records, Gold Mountain, I.R.S. Records, and related labels.
VX: on US London Records.
VGRP: on US Atlantic Records pressings.

Contact Info:

Goldisc Recording Products, Inc.
725 Broadway / 1 Goldisc Road
Holbrook, NY 11741
(Contact info obsolete)


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