Sunset Records


Budget re-issue label of Liberty Records, Inc. that operated from 1966 in the US.
Label Code: LC 0966 / LC 00966
SUM prefix for mono, SUS for stereo releases. The US release dates can be checked at the denoted bsnpubs link. The Canadian releases had different distributors that should be mentioned.
Generally the record companies should be mentioned, cause they changed through the times, see the Liberty profile.
The European releases didn't appear since Liberty opened own companies there in the middle of 1967. The Liberty/UA versions are not earlier than 1969.
The dating is often difficult and depends on the denoted record companies, as well as sometimes on the advertisements on the rear cover. External sources like the German price guide are not accurate for this label. So please try to mention all denoted companies and provide also the rear cover images.
The UK versions often shows different label designs, so possibly provide images. Mainly there are the earlier brown & orange labels lacked the 'Made in England' credit, later appears with this credit to the right, below the cat# and side denoting. This version was obviously replaced by a black and red label. For this reason it appears mandatory to denote a clear label version and possibly provide images.

The Liberty, Imperial, Dolton Records, Aladdin Records and Minit catalog material - plus the Tale Spinners For Children series of storybook records issued by Liberty's subsequent parent label, United Artists Records - were all reissued on this label.

Parent Label:Liberty
Sublabels:Collection Sunset, Contemporary Series (2), Golden Film Music Series, James Bond 007 (2), Jazz Archives Series (2), Jazz Highlights, Original Golden Hits (2), Sound Spectrum Series, Sunset (6), Sunset 2 Super Pack, ...
Contact Info:

former address (neither are active):
Sunset Records
Mortimer House
37/41 Mortimer Street
London W1

Sunset Records
6920 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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