Founded by Walt Disney Productions in 1956, it changed its name to Walt Disney Records in 1989.
Regarding USA Disneyland vinyl releases: Solid color labels, purple, black, red etc are the oldest, and solid yellow was being used from 1964 - 1974. Useful reference 1964-1973 Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House In 1975 they changed (USA pressings) to a pink & purple combination design Walt Disney's Pinocchio & Alice In Wonderland Then in 1976 they changed to a rainbow logo on top with a yellow background Scuffy The Tugboat which was still in use around 1988. The last 2 USA vinyl releases known to be issued in 1988 are The Official Album Of Disneyland / Walt Disney World and Disney's Children's Favorite Silly Songs

Note that most Disneyland records have been issued multiple times, and it's beneficial to try to enter as much information as possible,
including the color of the center labels using the FTF field & notes.

Label Code: LC 0181 / LC 00181
Also appears as "A Disneyland Record", "Disneyland Records" or "Un Disque Disneyland".
See also Discos Disneylandia (South America/Spain) and Discos Disneylândia (Brazil/Portugal).

Parent Label:The Walt Disney Company
Sublabels:45 T Disque Longue Durée, A Little Golden Book & Cassette, A Little Golden Book & Record, A Record And A Picture Book, Charlie Brown Records, Collection Disney Découvertes, Discos Disneylândia, Discos Disneylandia, Disney Discovery Series, Disney Read-Along, ...


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