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Electronic netlabel based in Paris, France.
It seem to be a label which sweeps a broad range of electronic musics (techno, ambient, house, industrial, noise, etc.). But actually 17 Sons Records is more than a label.
Musical creation at 17 Sons Records is based on some principles. Before any production, a device is to be elaborated. This device is composed of fixed or variable parameters which are placed at the core of the musical creation process. These parameters revolve around the hardware and sofware used, the sounds, the work length, the arrangements, etc. In fact, a creation together with the setting of its parameters is as important as the musical result. Musical creation can only be reached with a framework of constraints and these parameters are there to fix them. While most artists, in all fields of creation, undergo these constraints (which does not detract from the quality of the result obtained), each project of the label has a will to update them and to control them. At the output of the devices, there are musical tracks. Each track can be the occasion to explore the variations of the device's parameters. The tracks are gathered under a discographic unit (album or EP). Once more, each discographic unit may be an opportunity to explore some ways within the device.



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