Club AC30


Club AC30 is Robin Allport, Nick Allport and Duncan Jones.
They organize regular live music nights in London featuring bands doing noisy guitar, dreampop, post-rock and electronica, as well as regular dedicated djs.

They also run this small record label.

AC30 begins every cat#
next number indicates release year : 1 is for first year of label existence (2004), 2 for second (2005), 3 for third (2006); etc...
next two numbers indicate the position of the release in the year (01 for the first release of every year, 02 for the second, etc...)
last number is a 2 if release's an album, a 5 if it's a CD5", and a 7 if it's a 7".

Sublabels:As & When 7" Series, Never Lose That Feeling
Contact Info:

Club AC30
35 Victoria Road
London E18 1LJ

Email: [email protected] , Facebook , X , Soundcloud , MySpace


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