PDO, Germany


German record company with two vinyl, a CD and a cassette manufacturing plant. Operating under this name from January 1986 until September 1991.
PolyGram transferred control of their West German manufacturing and distribution activities from PRS Hannover to a joint venture between Philips and DuPont Optical that was operative by January 1986 (legally effective May 1986). PDO stands for Philips and Du Pont Optical.
"Werk I", located in Hannover (Podbielskistrasse) housed the Recording Department (Recording Centre), and was pressing all 10" and 12" records and did the tape duplication, while "Werk II", located in Langenhagen, did the pressing of all 7" records (injection moulded) and the mastering and pressing of CDs. Also done in Langenhagen were the printing and assembly of vinyl and CDs.

When PolyGram gained control over the PDO plant in 1991, the Recording Centre and the plants were transferred back to PolyGram Record Service GmbH (PRS Hannover) again. However, with the transition to PolyGram, Werk I was closed and all respective vinyl pressing was outsourced to PRS Baarn or Sonopress or Optimal or GZ Vinyl. The Recording Centre remained, but was moved to Langenhagen.

How to identify vinyl (1986-1991):
Vinyl cuttings show a 320 (or 3 20) in the matrix. Use Lacquer Cut At - PDO, Germany in these cases.
S1=1 or S1=2 etc. (not to be confused with side identifiers S1 and S2) stand for the number of transfers to tape, so S1=1 means original master tape, and S1=2 stands for a tape copy.

How to identify CDs (1986-1991):
This plant is directly credited in the CD matrix string as either "MADE IN W.GERMANY BY PDO", "MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO, "Made in West Germany by PDO", "Made in W. Germany by PDO Hanover", "Manufactured by PDO Hanover, West Germany" or "Made in Germany by PDO" after the German reunification.

A non-ink embossed "PRS Hannover" stamp can often be found on the back covers, even though PRS wasn't registered under that name from 1986 until September 1991. Obviously, as the pressing plant location didn't change, the stamp was continuously used. Do not add "PRS Hannover" as company in these cases but add a release note.

Important note: PDO was often repressing CDs but left the old artwork of the preceeding plant. In those cases, please only add PDO, Germany with Reissue as format.
CDs credited with "Made by Polygram, Hanover (or Hannover)" or simply "Made by PolyGram" only belong to Polygram, Hanover, West Germany.

Parent Label:PDO
Contact Info:

Philips and Du Pont Optical GmbH
Werk I: Podbielskistrasse 164 (1986 - 1991)
30177 Hannover
Telephone +49 511 6968-1

Werk II: Klusriede 26
30851 Langenhagen
Telephone: +49 511-7130602
Fax: +49 511-7231177


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