MiMi Records

MiMi Records

It all started when the Japanese Embassy in Portugal sponsored a traditional concert of japanese music and dancing that took place in our country, in order to commemorate the 460 years of Japanese/Portuguese Friendship.

The concert came to an end, but the thought of continuing this friendship trough "new music" remained ; thus, MiMi Records was born.

MiMi is a project concerning the release of japanese and portuguese music (with a preference for electronic sounds such as glitch/i.d.m/ambient/noise/ misc. electronic). Its also a good way to achieve musical exchange from these two countries.
Contact Info:
MiMi Records
Bairro António Sérgio, Bloco C1-2esq
3020-078 Coimbra - PORTUGAL



Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
mi001 £6.66  album cover Spunk A Nancy £6.66(File, MP3) MiMi Records mi001 Portugal 2002
mi002 Live At Bears  album cover Nesin Live At Bears(File, MP3, 128) MiMi Records mi002 Portugal 2002
mi004 Killaz Sleep Peacefully  album cover Irish Killaz Sleep Peacefully(6xFile, MP3, 128) MiMi Records mi004 Portugal 2002
mi005 Time Travel (1980 And 2003 About Her)  album cover Yukiko Ito Time Travel (1980 And 2003 About Her)(File, MP3, 192) MiMi Records mi005 Portugal 2003
Mi006 Keep:Tension:35  album cover @mu:le Keep:Tension:35(5xFile, MP3, EP, 160) MiMi Records Mi006 Portugal 2004
Mi007 Hairline Drawing  album cover Hiroshi Hirose Hairline Drawing(6xFile, MP3, EP, 128) MiMi Records Mi007 Portugal 2004
mi008 Tumba Pumba  album cover sal. Tumba Pumba(4xFile, MP3, EP) MiMi Records mi008 Portugal 2004
Mi009 Metadraw  album cover Reso Metadraw(3xFile, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 128) MiMi Records Mi009 Portugal 2004
Mi010 O Homem Das Liricas  album cover Atom Size Elephant O Homem Das Liricas(2xFile, MP3, Single, 192) MiMi Records Mi010 Portugal 2004
Mi011 Operador De Cabine Polivalente  album cover OCP (2) Operador De Cabine Polivalente(5xFile, MP3, EP, 192) MiMi Records Mi011 Portugal 2004
Mi012 Música Para Cinco Objectos  album cover @mu:le Música Para Cinco Objectos(13xFile, MP3) MiMi Records Mi012 Portugal 2004
Mi013 Templer  album cover Mol (2) Templer(9xFile, MP3, Album, 128) MiMi Records Mi013 Portugal 2004
Mi014 Experiment #?  album cover Amboise Experiment #?(3xFile, MP3, Album, 192) MiMi Records Mi014 Portugal 2004
Mi015 L.S.I.  album cover Albedo2000 L.S.I.(3xFile, MP3, EP, 128) MiMi Records Mi015 Portugal 2004
Mi016 Sawagu  album cover Biomekanikal Sawagu(File, MP3, 128 + 3xFile, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi016 Portugal 2004
Mi017 Transparent  album cover Xastre Transparent(7xFile, MP3, Album, 192) MiMi Records Mi017 Portugal 2004
Mi018 Vanity  album cover Nesin Vanity(5xFile, MP3, EP, 128) MiMi Records Mi018 Portugal 2004
Mi019 Time Domain  album cover IKTR Time Domain(File, MP3, 191 + File, MP3, 320) MiMi Records Mi019 Portugal 2004
Mi020 Give The Finger To Spoiler's Disk  album cover Various Give The Finger To Spoiler's Disk(File, MP3, Comp) MiMi Records Mi020 Japan 2004
Mi021 Yentomorf  album cover Biomekanikal Yentomorf(2xFile, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 64 ) MiMi Records Mi021 Portugal 2004
Mi022 Voluted Walker  album cover GQBN Voluted Walker(3xFile, MP3, EP, 192) MiMi Records Mi022 Portugal 2004
Mi023 Gameboy Music  album cover Saitone Gameboy Music(EP + 2xFile, MP3, 160 + 2xFile, MP3, 128) MiMi Records Mi023 Portugal 2004 Sell This Version
Mi024 Resonant Sight  album cover Reso Resonant Sight(2xFile, MP3, 128 + File, MP3, 80 ) MiMi Records Mi024 Portugal 2004
mi025 Black Hole  album cover VortexSoundTech Black Hole(7xFile) MiMi Records mi025 Portugal 2004
Mi025 Black Hole  album cover Vortex Sound Tech Black Hole(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi025 Portugal 2004
Mi026 Letargo  album cover OCP (2) Letargo(2xFile, MP3, 191 + File, MP3, 194) MiMi Records Mi026 Portugal 2004
Mi027 Ambivalent Past  album cover Saitone Ambivalent Past(4xFile, MP3, EP, 128) MiMi Records Mi027 Portugal 2004
Mi028 Raising Drug And The Disrupted Kharma  album cover Amboise Raising Drug And The Disrupted Kharma(2xFile, MP3, Single, 192) MiMi Records Mi028 Portugal 2004
Mi029 Grave  album cover Saykoden Grave(6xFile, MP3, Album, 192) MiMi Records Mi029 Portugal 2004
Mi030 Autonav2000  album cover Post Mortem Reflex Autonav2000(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi030 Portugal 2004
Mi031 (read.error)  album cover NNY (read.error)(8xFile, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi031 Portugal 2005
Mi032 View/Room  album cover Ao (2) View/Room(6xFile, MP3, Album) MiMi Records Mi032 Portugal 2005
Mi033 ho he's... PAAAAATRICK!!!  album cover Despeckle Noise ho he's... PAAAAATRICK!!!(3xFile, MP3, EP) MiMi Records Mi033 Portugal 2005
Mi034 Fureshu No Hana  album cover Biomekanikal Fureshu No Hana(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) MiMi Records Mi034 Portugal 2005
Mi035 Shin_Zen_Bi_  album cover Yasugami Shin_Zen_Bi_(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) MiMi Records Mi035 Portugal 2005
Mi036 Umi No Drone  album cover Hakoneko Umi No Drone(6xFile, MP3, Album, 192) MiMi Records Mi036 Portugal 2005
Mi037 No One Is Perfect  album cover OCP (2) No One Is Perfect(File, MP3, 171 + File, MP3, 206) MiMi Records Mi037 Portugal 2005
Mi039 Chemin De Fer  album cover Structura (2) Chemin De Fer(8xFile, MP3, VBR) MiMi Records Mi039 Portugal 2005
Mi040 Departure  album cover Crossbred Departure(File, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 193) MiMi Records Mi040 Portugal 2005
Mi041 Emotional Landscape  album cover Xastre Emotional Landscape(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi041 Portugal 2005
Mi042 Ruir EP  album cover Ruir Ruir EP(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi042 Portugal 2005
Mi043 Machina Ex-Humana  album cover 5th Raider Machina Ex-Humana(File, MP3, MiniAlbum) MiMi Records Mi043 Portugal 2005
Mi044 Tribute To Gregory Bateson  album cover Ryu (3) Tribute To Gregory Bateson(File, MP3, 139 + File, MP3, 56 + File, MP3, 177 +) MiMi Records Mi044 Portugal 2005
Mi045 Stretch Glitch EP  album cover Chietronix Stretch Glitch EP(5xFile, MP3, EP) MiMi Records Mi045 Portugal 2005
mi049 My Musical Shame  album cover Takeshi Nakamura My Musical Shame(File, MP3) MiMi Records mi049 2006
Mi050 Saudade: Various Artist from Atlantic Coast  album cover Various Saudade: Various Artist from Atlantic Coast(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi050 Portugal 2006
Mi052 Shell / Esuna / Dispel  album cover ps Shell / Esuna / Dispel(File, MP3, 165 + 4xFile, MP3, 160 + File, MP3, 191) MiMi Records Mi052 Portugal 2006
Mi053 Snow Effects  album cover And/Or (3) Snow Effects(File, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi053 Portugal 2006
Mi054 Nile  album cover Minson Nile(3xFile, MP3, 191 + File, MP3, 204 + File, MP3, 201) MiMi Records Mi054 Portugal 2006
Mi055 Re: Sounds  album cover Rosa Eivissa Re: Sounds(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi055 Portugal 2006
Mi056 Coil  album cover NNY Coil(File, MP3, 320) MiMi Records Mi056 Portugal 2006
Mi057 Zousyoku  album cover Ryu (3) Zousyoku(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi057 Portugal 2006
Mi058 1234  album cover OCP (2) 1234(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi058 Portugal 2006
Mi059 Erlebniss  album cover Structura (2) Erlebniss(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi059 Portugal 2006
Mi060 Nonsight-Aural Environmenter  album cover Overdose Kunst Nonsight-Aural Environmenter(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi060 Portugal 2006
Mi061 The Three Suns Exsist In This World  album cover Crossbred vs. Teresa 11 Crossbred vs. Teresa 11 - The Three Suns Exsist In This World(3xFile, MP3) MiMi Records Mi061 Portugal 2006
Mi062 Gene TV  album cover OCP (2) And T3tsuo Play Kenji Siratori OCP (2) And T3tsuo Play Kenji Siratori - Gene TV(6xFile, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi062 Portugal 2006
MI065 Friends Reinterpretations Of Unreleased 332 Variations Volume 4  album cover ps Friends Reinterpretations Of Unreleased 332 Variations Volume 4(File, MP3) MiMi Records MI065 Portugal 2006
mi067 Kick Off  album cover Chalana 1984 Kick Off(4xFile, ogg) MiMi Records mi067 Portugal 2006
Mi069 Disaffected  album cover SSTFM Disaffected(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi069 Portugal 2007
Mi071 Man In The Box  album cover Ryu (3) Man In The Box(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi071 Portugal 2007
Mi072 Edit, Transform, Renew, Create  album cover Bruno Ribeiro (2) Edit, Transform, Renew, Create(File, MP3, VBR) MiMi Records Mi072 Portugal 2007
Mi073 Firstcut EP  album cover Nankotsu Teacher* Firstcut EP(File, MP3, EP, VBR) MiMi Records Mi073 Japan 2007
Mi074 The Pirilampo Mágico Sessions OST Volume One  album cover Puccini Rocks The Pirilampo Mágico Sessions OST Volume One(File, MP3, VBR) MiMi Records Mi074 Portugal 2007
Mi075 From Utero To Space  album cover Necrostilet From Utero To Space(File, MP3, VBR) MiMi Records Mi075 Portugal 2007
Mi077 Sencillo  album cover Projecto Gentileza Sencillo(9xFile, MP3 + CDr, Ltd) MiMi Records, Marvellous Tone Mi077 Portugal 2007 Sell This Version
Mi078 Abstraak  album cover Dedxound Abstraak(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) MiMi Records Mi078 Portugal 2007
Mi079 60 Days  album cover Noise Concrete 60 Days(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi079 Portugal 2007
Mi080 2 To 4am  album cover Tsuyoshi Nakamura* 2 To 4am(5xFile, MP3, EP, 192) MiMi Records Mi080 Japan 2007
Mi081 Toushi Zuhou  album cover Hula Hooper Toushi Zuhou(5xFile, MP3) MiMi Records Mi081 Portugal 2007
Mi082 MindStreams  album cover C (5) MindStreams(5xFile, MP3, EP, 192) MiMi Records Mi082 Portugal 2007
Mi083 Barge  album cover Heinemann521 Barge(File, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi083 Portugal 2007
Mi084 Sound Of An Acoustic Guitar  album cover Oculoss Sound Of An Acoustic Guitar(File, MP3, 320) MiMi Records Mi084 Portugal 2007
Mi085 Divertimento 1  album cover Kaede Mira Divertimento 1(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi085 Portugal 2007
Mi086 Terrorize The Old Man  album cover Tatsu Maki vs NrV Tatsu Maki vs NrV - Terrorize The Old Man(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi086 Portugal 2007
mi089 Cancro  album cover Cancro Cancro(6xFile, MP3, 192) MiMi Records mi089 Portugal 2008
Mi090 Radio Controlled Scum  album cover Ultra Fuckers Radio Controlled Scum(5xFile, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi090 Portugal 2008
Mi091 Coldfront.1  album cover Step. Coldfront.1(File, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi091 Portugal 2008
Mi092 Visceral  album cover Sparagmos Visceral(File, MP3, 256) MiMi Records Mi092 Portugal 2008
Mi093 Handmade Music 1999-2003  album cover Long Desert Cowboy Handmade Music 1999-2003(9xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) MiMi Records Mi093 Portugal 2008
Mi098 If I Hug Your Sweaters Will They Get Their Colour Back?  album cover Daily Misconceptions If I Hug Your Sweaters Will They Get Their Colour Back?(3xFile, MP3, 224) MiMi Records Mi098 Portugal 2008
Mi101 Kenji Siratori Cyber Sphere Mi101 Portugal 2009 Sell This Version
Mi103 Forgotten Works In The Air  album cover Naoto Taguchi Forgotten Works In The Air(File, MP3, EP, 320) MiMi Records Mi103 2009
Mi104 From Victoria  album cover Kamitani From Victoria(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi104 Portugal 2009
Mi108 Oceania  album cover Anders Blickmann Oceania(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) MiMi Records Mi108 Portugal 2009
Mi109 Noise Re Yacky  album cover N.R.Y.Y.* Noise Re Yacky(11xFile, MP3, Album, 192) MiMi Records Mi109 Portugal 2009
mi113 Including Five Tracks EP  album cover Opaluc Including Five Tracks EP(CDr, EP) MiMi Records mi113 Portugal 2009 Sell This Version
Mi114 Tako No Ji - Hommage To Koji Tano  album cover Nryy, Ogata T3tsuo Nryy, Ogata T3tsuo - Tako No Ji - Hommage To Koji Tano(File, 2 ×) MiMi Records Mi114 Portugal 2009
Mi115 She Sings Sea Songs  album cover Linda Bjalla She Sings Sea Songs(3xFile, MP3, 320) MiMi Records Mi115 Portugal 2009
Mi119 MiMinhos  album cover Boiar MiMinhos(6xFile, MP3, VBR) MiMi Records Mi119 Portugal 2009
mi122 With A Disability  album cover Elite Athlete With A Disability(7xFile, MP3, Album, 320) MiMi Records mi122 Portugal 2009
Mi124 Inane  album cover Soma (11) Inane(4xFile, MP3, 192) MiMi Records Mi124 Portugal 2009
Mi128 Untitled  album cover Nerae Untitled(File, MP3) MiMi Records Mi128 Portugal 2010
Mi133 Contact  album cover Fm-Ra Contact(File, MP3, ogg, EP) MiMi Records Mi133 Portugal 2010
Mi138 Go Home Now?  album cover Wools Go Home Now?(7xFile, MP3, EP, 320) MiMi Records Mi138 Portugal 2010
Mi139 Feel  album cover Akey (4) Feel(4xFile, MP3, EP) MiMi Records Mi139 Portugal 2010
Mi141 R.I.P.  album cover FuneralAttendants* R.I.P.(16xFile, MP3) MiMi Records Mi141 Portugal 2010
Mi146 A Variar  album cover OCP (2) A Variar(13xFile, MP3, 320) MiMi Records Mi146 Portugal 2010
mi147 Beber Sem Palhinha  album cover UM BONGO Beber Sem Palhinha(3xFile, MP3) MiMi Records mi147 Portugal 2010
mi150 Lymbera  album cover Fm-Ra Lymbera(File, MP3, EP) MiMi Records mi150 Portugal 2010