Illgorhythm Recordings

Illgorhythm Recordings

Founded in Sweden by Henrik B

Current Address

Distributed by ELP [DEU]

Specialising in Techno Music
Contact Info:
Skövde, Västra Götalands län, Sweden


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
ill1201 Henrik B Entroducing(12", EP, Promo, W/Lbl) Illgorhythm Recordings ill1201 Sweden 1999 Sell This Version
ill1202 Force Majeure  album cover Henrik B Force Majeure ill1202 Sweden 1999 Sell This Version
ill-1203 Ricochet Part 1  album cover Henrik B Ricochet Part 1 ill-1203 Sweden 2000 Sell This Version
ill1204 Ricochet Part 2  album cover Henrik B Ricochet Part 2(12") Illgorhythm Recordings ill1204 Sweden 2000 Sell This Version
ill1205 Hardwired  album cover Henrik B Hardwired ill1205 Sweden 2001 Sell This Version
ill1206 Kid B  album cover Henrik B Kid B ill1206 Sweden 2001 Sell This Version
ill1207 Teorema  album cover Henrik B Teorema ill1207 Sweden 2002 Sell This Version
ILL1208 Year Of Reflection  album cover Adam Beyer & Henrik B Year Of Reflection ILL1208 Sweden 2002 Sell This Version
ILL1209 Avalon  album cover Henrik B Avalon ILL1209 Sweden 2003 Sell This Version
ill1210 Heat / Wombing  album cover Adam Beyer & Henrik B Heat / Wombing ill1210 Sweden 2003 Sell This Version
ILL1211 Sonachine  album cover Henrik B Sonachine ILL1211 Sweden 2003 Sell This Version
ill1212 Manwolf  album cover Henrik B Manwolf(12") Illgorhythm Recordings ill1212 Sweden 2004 Sell This Version
ILL 1213 Proměna  album cover Henrik B Proměna ILL 1213 Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
ill1214 Manwolf (Chris Liebing Remakes)  album cover Henrik B Manwolf (Chris Liebing Remakes) ill1214 2005 Sell This Version
ill1215 The Wound  album cover Henrik B The Wound(12") Illgorhythm Recordings ill1215 Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
illgorhythm 1201 Entroducing  album cover Henrik B Entroducing(12") Illgorhythm Recordings illgorhythm 1201 Sweden 1999 Sell This Version


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March 5, 2016
Incredible label. Some truly astounding techno productions were released on Illgorhythm. Started out as your pretty typical Swede-techno outlet: hydraulic, pumping cuts, low on emotions and high on energy and pummeling. However, at one point, the once prodigious Henrik B decided it was time kick in a higher gear, and everything from Avalon further is legendary.

The honorable mention (or three) just has to go to Manwolf, Promena and The Wound. By that day and age, Henrik B was more or less one of Europe's underground techno heroes, with releases causing raptures on both demanding dance floors and in listeners' living rooms. Never will I forget dropping the B sided of ill1215 in my room for the first time. One of the very few moments that my friends actually asked me to turn the music down! The bass line is overzealous to say the least. Simply incredibly production vaults, with a sound that, despite being pertained to its own era, not only challenges, but easily overpowers most of what you're fed today.

I don't know why Henrik B decided to do what he's done, and I for sure don't know if he's happy with where he's at the moment, but I have fond memories, around the time of the apex of the "Manwolf" induced hysteria, that this was a producer whose work, even when scrutinized by the most demanding ear, would receive nothing but words of sincere praise.

Cari Lekebusch was always the nordic magician with more monikers and ideas than anybody would bother to question.
Hardcell would go down in history as the man who, once the party mode kicks all the way in, would provide countless peak time stompers on his Skunkworks imprint.
Thomas Krome and Joel Mull had their own take on techno as well. Both producers had highly memorable moments in their respective careers, be it clubbing bangers or restrained living room sessions work outs.
What to say about Drumcode, of which Henrik B was a proud member as well? Twenty years of dance providing world wide clubs with the right tune to get the feet moving.

With all that said, what always made (and always will) me place Henrik here above the rest is the inimitable manner in which he captured a moment in the ever so fast moving techno sphere and made it all his own. As previously stated, as time passed, Henrik experimented more and more with bizarre ideas and sound arrangements, resulting in some of the most far out, well produced techno I have ever heard. Henrik B had less releases behind him, less experience, an artist roster that was an one man army, yet he still consolidated a label, boasting a release schedule that far larger players than himself could not keep up with.

This label, while small and independent, packs some of my favorite techno music of all times. From one angle, it makes me very happy that the label was shut down when it was. How can anyone possible outdo a release like the last one released? How could anyone take things any further?
From the other angle, my curiosity will never be satisfied. Forever will I be wondering where and how could have Henrik B gone with his immaculate vision of techno? Just listen to the last few releases and imagine someone - anyone - building upon that sound structure!

Where have you gone to Henrik?