PolyGram Manufacturing And Distribution Centers (PMDC), Inc. Operating under this name from June 1992 until September 1999.
CD manufacturing plant in Grover/Kings Mountain, North Carolina, USA.
The plant is usually directly credited in the CD matrix area or on the disc face: MADE IN USA BY PMDC.
PMDC USA used IFPI SID Mould code 03xx. Please do not credit PMDC, USA based purely on the SID codes found on the release. The SID codes are transferrable and were inherited later by UML.

The former US plant PDO, USA was incorporated as PMDC, Inc. on 18 June 1992 (but on 02 November 1992 renamed to PolyGram Manufacturing And Distribution Centers, Inc.) and operated under this name until 30 September 1999, when it was renamed to UMG Manufacturing & Logistics Inc. (UML). Matrix area credits for UML began to appear after this date, but PMDC continued to appear on some represses and even some first pressings in the early 2000s.

Because of the nature of the transition, early PMDC, USA CDs look identical to late-generation PDO, USA discs and can only be differentiated based on release date. The silver hubs that were characteristic of Polygram, Hanover, West Germany and PDO, USA CDs would be phased out in favor of standard clear hubs shortly after, though the matrix style remained in place. Some PMDC, USA CDs manufactured after this change retain silver hubs, but are themselves differentiated by the addition of a stacking ring and the removal of the "MADE IN USA" stamp.

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700 South Battleground Avenue
Grover, NC 28073


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