Rubber Factory Records

Rubber Factory Records

The Rubber Factory was an old abandoned building that slowly morphed into a community center for dirts, local kids and skaters.

Early Years

The inside debris was cleaned out and the first thing I remember is a steel plated wallrider that was built was built. Also acquired over time were an 8 foot roll in, i beams, manual pad of doom, concrete ledge, and the notorious and multi layered 'fun' box (seen inside the Bottle of Smoke cd). There was a chill room with picnic table, and a creepy dark basement. The back side of the factory had a very smooth 2 platform street 'course' with decent 'lil hubba held up by cinder blocks, shanty flatbanks, and a series of mini gaps. All this complete with anti-racist graffiti, on the lot of a cracked concrete block wasteland. James called it 'Danger Bay'

The Rubber Factory had its own security system of a truck tire on a long swing rope that would pummel trespassers off the small platform door. There were bottle kids playing glass games and teenagers playing glass feet. Todd Von Hellberger smoked his first cigarette and fell down dizzy, probably somewhere on video8. Jamey's broken board was held together by a two by four, O'Dwyer might have be playing guitar by the river, Ultima at Grant's. With a historical hillside war memorial at the banks of the Humber river in the small town of old Woodbridge, ON. the factory had a fun run.

Forseeing the end of its days, it was burned down again by those who loved it, in its place now stands expensive condominiums. While the area is becoming quite the hot spot as generations pass and the suburban city sprawls out of control**, Rubber Factory Records stands by friendships made around the rubber, new friends around the world, and continued by the love of arts, music, skateboarding, and other quality time.

Bottle of Smoke compilation was the first project.

We made this before the Black Keys album, I heard them and they are good too.

**Update: We've just been removed from The Woodbridge Wikipedia page. Thanks to whomever entered that many years ago. Never forget: Becker's, Squigi's, Tony's Hot Pot, Chau's.

Rubber Factory - Toronto Canada 2016
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
RFR1 Bottle Of Smoke Compilation  album cover Various Bottle Of Smoke Compilation(CD, Comp) Rubber Factory Records RFR1 Canada 2004 Sell This Version
RFR2 Woodbridge Legion Comp  album cover Various Woodbridge Legion Comp(CDr, Comp) Rubber Factory Records RFR2 Canada 2005 Sell This Version
RFR03 Rubber Factory Records Presents A Tribute To Leatherface  album cover Various Rubber Factory Records Presents A Tribute To Leatherface(2xCD, Comp, Ltd) Rubber Factory Records RFR03 Canada 2008 Sell This Version
RFR4 We're Not The Things We've Done  album cover The Burnitdowns We're Not The Things We've Done(CD, Album) Rubber Factory Records, HA4TLD RFR4 Canada 2009 Sell This Version
RFR5 Saskatchewan  album cover Summer Of '92 Saskatchewan(CD, Album) Team Japanadian, Rubber Factory Records RFR5 Canada 2009 Sell This Version
RFR6 Viva La Arthouse (Live In Melbourne)  album cover Leatherface Viva La Arthouse (Live In Melbourne)(CD, Album) Rubber Factory Records, Big Ugly Fish Recordings, Pouzza Records, Big Wheel Records RFR6 Canada 2011 Sell This Version
RFR7 Looking For Answers  album cover Forty Hells* Looking For Answers RFR7 US 2012 Sell This Version
RFR8 3 Songs  album cover Dogs (11) 3 Songs(7" + Cass) Rubber Factory Records, Team Japanadian RFR8 Canada 2014 Sell This Version
RFR9 Last Run  album cover The Rebel Spell Last Run(Cass, Album) Rubber Factory Records RFR9 Canada 2014 Sell This Version
RFR10 Warm Places  album cover Medictation Warm Places(Cass, Album, Ltd) Rubber Factory Records, Little Rocket Records (2) RFR10 Canada 2016 Sell This Version
RFR-11 More Of Their Lies  album cover Radon More Of Their Lies(Cass, Album) Dirt Cult Records, Rubber Factory Records, Tiger Force Ultra RFR-11 US 2018 Sell This Version
RFR12 Rubber Factory Records - The First Seventeen Years  album cover Various Rubber Factory Records - The First Seventeen Years(File, MP3, Comp) Rubber Factory Records RFR12 Canada 2020
RFR1.5 Rubber Factory Distro Sampler '05  album cover Various Rubber Factory Distro Sampler '05(CDr, Album, Comp) Rubber Factory Records RFR1.5 Canada 2005 Sell This Version