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Aka 'BPR', a label of Frank Zappa, created in 1981, enabling him greater control over the release of his material. Distribution by CBS 1981-1983, Capitol 1984-1987 & agreements with RykoDisc from 1984 & Rhino from mid 1993. The Zappa Records CDs may also inter-relate to BPR.

Pumpkin (5), aka Gail Zappa, was the source behind the 'smoker's cough' title "Barking Pumpkin", much typical of Zappa's humour. Gail passed control of the BPR catalogue to RykoDisc in 1995.

In 1983 the label made the following announcement, with the release of "Barking Pumpkin Goes Digital":
"BARKING PUMPKIN is proud to announce that ALL FUTURE PRODUCTS WILL BE DIGITAL, with special releases on CD FORMAT as that technology becomes more available at the consumer level. This special disc will serve as an introduction to the quality improvements made possible by the new digital equipment recently installed at the UTILITY MUFFIN RESEARCH KITCHEN (U.M.R.K.)."

For unofficial releases using the identity of Barking Pumpkin Records, see Barking Pumpkin Records (2).

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