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Mute Corporation is the North American department of the UK company Mute Records Ltd. It issues most of the Mute UK releases for North America, and it also licenses some artists from other UK/European labels. Some of its exclusive artists include Paul Van Dyk, To Rococo Rot, Tarwater, and Kreidler.

Note that Mute Corporation is a company, not a label. When submitting under this entry, remember to check your release for the correct label, such as Mute, NovaMute or Blast First, for example.

About catalog numbers:
1) Releases since 1994 that have a four digit catalog number (plus "-#" media-type extension where applicable) starting with "9" - i.e. MUTE 9225-2. (Several early releases have catalog numbers starting with digits other than "9", but they are exceptions.)
2) Promo versions of those releases having catalog numbers such as MUSDJ 143-2.

Pre-1994 releases were handled by Elektra Entertainment, through which Mute had a distribution deal, although some were issued through indie labels such as Restless Records and Enigma Records (3). NovaMute was distributed by Tommy Boy Music. All Mute US releases are now distributed by Caroline Distribution, EMI's American independent subsidiary.

Parent Label:Mute Records Ltd.
Contact Info:

140 West 22nd Street, Suite 10A
New York, NY 10011


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