Recycle Or Die

Recycle Or Die

"Recycle Or Die" was founded in 1992 by Heinz Roth.
It was distributed via WEA Musik GmbH and "Eye Q Musikproduktion GmbH".

Almost all ROD releases were available as Digipaks, and some were available in a tin metal box.
See also the label sampler Silk: Recycle Or Die and the remixes album A Mission Into Drums; both on Eye Q Records.
Also, see the album About 8 Minutes which was intended to be Recycle Or Die ROD 012 before the label closed.

Label Code: LC 5310

Label profile taken from Various - Eye Q:
RECYCLE OR DIE: electronic mind music. This is NOT New Age or New Instrumental Music! ROD sees itself carrying on the pioneer spirit of the German Avant-Garde and as the motor of an experimental confrontation with forms of sound, harmonies, and modern technology. Nontheless, the musicians can clearly be identified as such. The covers of ROD products are designed by well-known contemporary artists and testify to the long-standing connections between the arts.
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(Both contacts now obsolete)
Recycle Or Die
Strahlenbergerstraße 125a
63067 Offenbach a.M.
Fon: (+49) 69-8297 400
Fax: (+49) 69-8297 4011

Eye Q Music, Inc.
8756 Holloway Dr.
West Hollywood, CA. 90069
Fon: (310) 657 7241
Fax: (310) 657 1019