OTO : sound or noise / ROKU: 'to record'

OTOROKU is the archival project for Cafe OTO it documents what happens there as online video/audio, deluxe vinyl editions and more.

OTOROKU is part of OTOProjects - a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) that has been set up to manage the programme at Café Oto. Any profits from OTOROKU are put back into supporting what we do and will help us to continue programming the best musicians and performers from all over the world.
Contact Info:
email: hello@cafeoto.co.uk
abby@cafeoto.co.uk for archive


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
DS001 27 September 2010  album cover John Tchicai, Tony Marsh, John Edwards John Tchicai, Tony Marsh, John Edwards - 27 September 2010(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS001 UK 2015
DS003 240412  album cover Kevin Drumm 240412(File, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS003 UK Unknown
DS004 Cleaning the Mirror  album cover John Dikeman, Hamid Drake, William Parker John Dikeman, Hamid Drake, William Parker - Cleaning the Mirror(3xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS004 UK 2015
DS005 Wild Flower  album cover Kim Doo Soo Wild Flower(7xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS005 UK 2015
DS006 Nothing More  album cover 6ix (4) Nothing More(2xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS006 UK 2014
DS008 OTO Redactions  album cover Keith Fullerton Whitman OTO Redactions(2xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS008 UK 2016
DS013 14.05.11  album cover Loren Connors* 14.05.11(2xFile, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS013 UK 2016
DS015 25.7.12  album cover Joe McPhee - Chris Corsano Duo 25.7.12(7xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS015 UK 2016
DS017 Title Goes Here  album cover Evan Parker & AMM Evan Parker & AMM - Title Goes Here(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS017 UK 2015
DS018 11.01.13  album cover Mika Vainio 11.01.13(File, MP3, 320) Otoroku DS018 2016
DS022 Offing  album cover Angharad Davies & Taku Sugimoto Angharad Davies & Taku Sugimoto - Offing(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS022 UK 2016
DS024 40 Years Of Smegma  album cover Smegma 40 Years Of Smegma(File, MP3) Otoroku DS024 UK 2015
DS028 26.05.15  album cover Charles Gayle, John Edwards, Roger Turner Charles Gayle, John Edwards, Roger Turner - 26.05.15(5xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS028 UK & Europe 2016
DS030 27.11.13  album cover The Apophonics 27.11.13(3xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS030 UK 2016
DS032 10.05.15  album cover Alash 10.05.15(19xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS032 UK 2015
DS034 15.01.14  album cover Akira Sakata, Giovanni Di Domenico, Roger Turner, John Edwards Akira Sakata, Giovanni Di Domenico, Roger Turner, John Edwards - 15.01.14(2xFile, FLAC, MP3, Album) Otoroku DS034 UK 2016
DS035 14.8.13  album cover Okkyung Lee 14.8.13 DS035 UK & Europe 2016
DS036 10.4.12  album cover Tomokawa Kazuki 10.4.12(18xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS036 UK 2016
DS037 12.1.15  album cover Julie Kjær 3 12.1.15(File, FLAC, MP3, Album) Otoroku DS037 UK 2016
DS0038 Live At Cafe Oto  album cover Konstrukt & Alexander Hawkins Konstrukt & Alexander Hawkins - Live At Cafe Oto(2xFile, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS0038 UK 2016
DS039 17.2.14  album cover Sachiko M, Eddie Prévost Sachiko M, Eddie Prévost - 17.2.14(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS039 UK 2016
DS040 Quintillions Green  album cover Fred Frith, John Butcher, Theresa Wong Fred Frith, John Butcher, Theresa Wong - Quintillions Green(5xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS040 UK 2016
DS041 12.06.15  album cover Selvhenter (2) 12.06.15(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS041 UK 2015
DS044 02.08.14  album cover Wolf Eyes 02.08.14(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS044 UK 2015
DS045 01.01.16  album cover Jamal Moss, Mark Sanders, Orphy Robinson Jamal Moss, Mark Sanders, Orphy Robinson - 01.01.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS045 2016
DS046 1.2.16  album cover Paul Abbott 1.2.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS046 UK 2016
DS048 14.2.16  album cover Toshi Tsuchitori, Ute Kanngiesser, Seymour Wright Toshi Tsuchitori, Ute Kanngiesser, Seymour Wright - 14.2.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS048 UK 2016
DS050 7.11.09  album cover Reiko Kudo & Tori Kudo Reiko Kudo & Tori Kudo - 7.11.09(9xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS050 UK 2016
DS051 6/8.12.9  album cover Kumio Kurachi 6/8.12.9(File, MP3) Otoroku DS051 UK 2017
DS052 5.5.16  album cover Dominic Lash, Angharad Davies Dominic Lash, Angharad Davies - 5.5.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS052 UK 2016
DS054 10.5.16  album cover Will Guthrie 10.5.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS054 2016
DS055 14.3.16  album cover Simon Finn 14.3.16(2xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS055 UK 2016
DS056 24.4.16  album cover Noel Meek, Alexander Tucker, Neil Campbell Noel Meek, Alexander Tucker, Neil Campbell - 24.4.16(File, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS056 UK 2016
DS057 19.4.15  album cover Carla Bozulich, Don The Tiger Carla Bozulich, Don The Tiger - 19.4.15(8xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS057 UK 2016
DS060 23.2.16  album cover Seymour Wright, Evan Parker Seymour Wright, Evan Parker - 23.2.16(3xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS060 UK 2016
DS060 1.3.16  album cover Seymour Wright, Rie Nakajima Seymour Wright, Rie Nakajima - 1.3.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS060 UK 2016
DS061 26.3.11  album cover Sachiko (2) & Rinji Fukuoka* Sachiko (2) & Rinji Fukuoka* - 26.3.11(File, MP3, 320) Otoroku DS061 UK 2016
DS062 28.2.12  album cover Keiji Haino / Steve Noble Keiji Haino / Steve Noble - 28.2.12(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS062 UK 2016
DS063 4.2.10  album cover Far East Network* 4.2.10(4xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS063 UK 2016
DS064 1.6.16  album cover Ora Clementi 1.6.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS064 UK 2016
DS065 11.8.16  album cover Billy Steiger 11.8.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS065 UK 2016
DS066 15.2.16  album cover Chris Corsano, Joe McPhee, Eddie Prévost, Orphy Robinson Chris Corsano, Joe McPhee, Eddie Prévost, Orphy Robinson - 15.2.16(3xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS066 UK 2016
DS067 16.8.16  album cover Sax Ruins 16.8.16(11xFile, FLAC) OTOROKU DS067 UK 2016
DS068 10.9.15  album cover Morphogenesis 10.9.15(2xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS068 UK 2016
DS069 28.4.16  album cover Pat Thomas, Paul Abbott Pat Thomas, Paul Abbott - 28.4.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS069 UK 2016
DS070 19.7.16  album cover Still House Plants 19.7.16(2xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS070 UK 2016
DS071 5.7.16  album cover Steve Noble & John Butcher Steve Noble & John Butcher - 5.7.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS071 UK 2016
DS072 9.10.16  album cover Träd, Gräs Och Stenar 9.10.16(6xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS072 UK & Europe 2016
DS073 30.8.16   album cover Eva-Maria Houben 30.8.16 (4xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS073 UK 2016
DS074 19.10.16  album cover Foodman 19.10.16(2xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS074 UK 2016
DS075 29.9.16  album cover ACCIDENT DU TRAVAIL 29.9.16(7xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS075 UK 2017
DS076 31.8.16  album cover John Tilbury 31.8.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS076 UK 2016
DS077 12.10.16  album cover Alvin Curran, Massimo Pupillo Alvin Curran, Massimo Pupillo - 12.10.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS077 UK 2017
DS078 Live at Cafe OTO   album cover The People Band Live at Cafe OTO (12xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS078 UK 2016
DS079 1.10.16  album cover Merzbow 1.10.16 DS079 UK 2017
DS080 10.11.16  album cover RP Boo 10.11.16(File, FLAC, Mixed) Otoroku DS080 UK 2016
DS082 12.12.16  album cover Antoine Chessex, John Edwards, Steve Noble Antoine Chessex, John Edwards, Steve Noble - 12.12.16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS082 UK 2017
DS083 19.9.16  album cover Philip Corner, Phoebe Neville Philip Corner, Phoebe Neville - 19.9.16(9xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS083 UK 2017
DS084 14.11.16  album cover Yoshihide* / Yamazaki* / Parker* Yoshihide* / Yamazaki* / Parker* - 14.11.16(3xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS084 UK 2017
DS085 18.3.15  album cover Joëlle Léandre, Maggie Nicols, Roger Turner Joëlle Léandre, Maggie Nicols, Roger Turner - 18.3.15(File, MP3) Otoroku DS085 UK, Europe & US 2017
DS086 16.2.17  album cover Ilan Volkov 16.2.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS086 UK 2017
DS087 6.2.17  album cover Dale Cornish & Phil Julian Dale Cornish & Phil Julian - 6.2.17(File, MP3, Album, Mixed, 320) Otoroku DS087 UK 2017
DS088 17.1.17  album cover Mark Wastell, Julie Tippetts Mark Wastell, Julie Tippetts - 17.1.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS088 UK 2017
DS089 25.2.17  album cover Leo Svirsky 25.2.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS089 UK 2017
DS090 5.3.17  album cover Realistic Monk (Carl Stone & Miki Yui)* 5.3.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS090 UK 2017
DS091 22.3.17  album cover Matthew Sullivan (3) 22.3.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS091 UK 2017
DS092 23.5.16  album cover GUO 23.5.16(File, MP3) Otoroku DS092 UK 2017
DS093 18.4.17  album cover Pat Thomas, Orphy Robinson Pat Thomas, Orphy Robinson - 18.4.17(File, MP3, 320) Otoroku DS093 UK 2017
DS094 14.5.16  album cover Nicole Mitchell, Mark Sanders Nicole Mitchell, Mark Sanders - 14.5.16 DS094 UK 2017
DS095 17.3.17  album cover Laura Cannell 17.3.17(File, MP3) Otoroku DS095 UK, Europe & Japan 2017
DS097 19.6.17  album cover Grace And Delete 19.6.17(File, MP3) Otoroku DS097 2017
DS098 L.O.T.U.S.  album cover Konstrukt feat. Alan Wilkinson / Alexander Hawkins / Daniel Spicer Konstrukt feat. Alan Wilkinson / Alexander Hawkins / Daniel Spicer - L.O.T.U.S.(File, MP3, Album) Otoroku DS098 UK 2017
DS099 20.5.17  album cover Mosquitoes (3) 20.5.17(File, FLAC, 24b + File, MP3, 320) Otoroku DS099 UK 2017
DS100 NYE 15/16  album cover Hieroglyphic Being NYE 15/16(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS100 UK 2017
DS102 30.6.17  album cover Manuel Lima 30.6.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS102 UK 2017
DS0103 28.5.17  album cover Limpe Fuchs & Evan Parker Limpe Fuchs & Evan Parker - 28.5.17(3xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS0103 UK 2017
DS104 23.6.17  album cover The Scorpios 23.6.17(File, MP3) OTOROKU DS104 2017
DS105 12.9.16  album cover Mikołaj Trzaska & Seymour Wright Mikołaj Trzaska & Seymour Wright - 12.9.16(File, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS105 UK 2018
DS106 6.8.17  album cover SainkhoKosmos 6.8.17(2xFile, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS106 UK 2017
DS107 Jon Gibson's Visitations   album cover Jon Gibson (2) Jon Gibson's Visitations (File, MP3) OTOROKU DS107 UK 2017
DS108 22.5.17  album cover Man Forever 22.5.17(4xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS108 UK 2018
DS109 11.8.17  album cover Han Bennink / Steve Noble / Alexander Hawkins Han Bennink / Steve Noble / Alexander Hawkins - 11.8.17(2xFile, FLAC) Otoroku DS109 UK 2018
DS110 15.10.15  album cover Yann Gourdon 15.10.15(File, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS110 UK 2018
DS111 29.1.17  album cover Rattle 29.1.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS111 UK 2018
DS112 29.10.17  album cover Eugene Chadbourne 29.10.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS112 UK 2018
DS113 1.10.17  album cover Dominique Lawalrée 1.10.17(File, FLAC, MP3) Otoroku DS113 Unknown
DS114 3.11.17  album cover Emmanuelle Parrenin 3.11.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS114 UK 2018
DS115 28.11.17  album cover Stella Chiweshe 28.11.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS115 Unknown
DS117 28.2.18  album cover Daniel Blumberg, Billy Steiger, Tom Wheatley, Ute Kanngiesser Daniel Blumberg, Billy Steiger, Tom Wheatley, Ute Kanngiesser - 28.2.18(File, FLAC) OTOROKU DS117 UK 2018
DS118 6.12.17  album cover Patty Waters 6.12.17(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS118 UK 2018
DS120 11.11.15  album cover Shelley Hirsch, Joke Lanz Shelley Hirsch, Joke Lanz - 11.11.15(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS120 UK 2018
DS121 13.3.18  album cover Masami Kawaguchi 13.3.18(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS121 UK 2018
DS122 9.4.18  album cover Paul Abbott, Jake Meginsky Paul Abbott, Jake Meginsky - 9.4.18(File, FLAC) Otoroku DS122 UK 2018
DS123 13.10.17  album cover Staraya Derevnya 13.10.17(File, FLAC, Album) Otoroku DS123 UK 2018
ROKU001 ... The Worse The Better  album cover Broetzmann* / Edwards* / Noble* Broetzmann* / Edwards* / Noble* - ... The Worse The Better (Album) ROKU001 UK 2012 Sell This Version
ROKU002 Spontaneous Combustion  album cover Decoy (13) With Joe McPhee Decoy (13) With Joe McPhee - Spontaneous Combustion (Album) ROKU002 UK 2013 Sell This Version
ROKU004 Live At Cafe Oto 2012  album cover Fred Frith, Christian Marclay Fred Frith, Christian Marclay - Live At Cafe Oto 2012(LP, Ltd) Otoroku ROKU004 UK 2013 Sell This Version
ROKU005 Live At Cafe Oto  album cover Thurston Moore, Alex Ward (5) Thurston Moore, Alex Ward (5) - Live At Cafe Oto(12", S/Sided, Ltd) Otoroku ROKU005 UK 2013 Sell This Version
ROKU006 Improvisations  album cover Roscoe Mitchell - Tony Marsh - John Edwards Roscoe Mitchell - Tony Marsh - John Edwards - Improvisations (Album) ROKU006 UK 2013 Sell This Version
ROKU007 Vi Är Alla Guds Slavar  album cover Mats Gustafsson / Thurston Moore Mats Gustafsson / Thurston Moore - Vi Är Alla Guds Slavar ROKU007 UK 2013 Sell This Version