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German label.
Label Code: LC 2685 / LC 02685.
BASF as a label and music company entered the market in early 1971 and run until the second half of 1976.
Current label owner is company EMTEC Magnetics GmbH
German chemical company BASF AG is the largest chemical company in the world. BASF originally stood for Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik (Badenia Aniline and Soda Factory). It was founded in Mannheim, Germany, by Friedrich Engelhorn in 1865 for the production of dyes. In 1867, he managed the first industrial synthesis of Indigo, with the effect that jeans became affordable work clothes. They later became leading in the development of plastics (Nylon, Styropor).

The record label run by German chemical company BASF AG, started financing recordings of classical music in the 1930s and started making stereo recordings in the early 1940s. In the 50s mostly classical and jazz records and later on some popular music as well. After talks for a takeover by Polygram fell through, BASF discontinued their music division effective Dec 31st 1976. Up to this date BASF was listed as distributor also in the rimtext of the labels in combination with the MPS label. In the US the label remained active until at least October 1978, by the local licensee Audiofidelity Enterprises.

In 1935, IG Farben and AEG presented the "Magnetophone" – the first tape recorder – at the Radio Exhibition in Berlin, and BASF had a magnetic tape division. After acquiring Agfa-Gevaert (which produced photo and film materials) in the 1990s, BASF Magnetics was spun-off into the French Emtec, producing magnetic media products and other computer related consumables such as recordable CDs.

BASF used the CRA / CRM / CRF / CRP etc. prefix only in 1971 - from April until the end of the year. In the end of 1971 the cataloguing system was changed into the seven digit numbers.

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