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Italian experimental label based in Venice. Established November 1988. A home of Devil Doll cult. Name of the company and logo are chosen by Mr. Doctor himself. Now operating as Hurdy Gurdy Books issued the book of Mr. Doctor under his real name Mario Panciera "45 Revolutions Vol. 1": an overview of Punk, Mod, New Wave, NWOBHM and Indie singles issued in UK and Ireland between 1976 - 1979

Missing releases:

HG-2 Markheim - A Rose For Emily LP
Not released, only testpressed.

HG-3 Iter Magister - Timothy (Is A Mystic Cat) LP
Not released, only testpressed.

HG-4 Man of the Clocks - Mastro Zacharias LP
Not released, only testpressed.

HG-5 Mr. Doctor - Mr. Doctor Sings Hans Eisler LP
Released in August 1989. Edition of 500 copies but had to be withdrawn when the owners of the right to Hans Eisler's songs threatened a legal action.

HG-9 Devil Doll - The Lost Tapes MC
Released on New Year’s Eve 1993/1994. This is the first recording of DIES IRAE. Major fire breaks out in Tivoli studio (Ljubljana) while Mr. Doctor and producer Jurij Toni are mixing the album. Both escape the fire. Only a DAT cassette recorded a few days before the fire was saved. Mr. Doctor asks HURDY GURDY RECORDS to release for the musicians involved, 10 copies of a luxury book with all the sheet music, and a cassette tape with the music; mostly yet unmixed and without vocals. Some copies also have a mask included; the masks beeing used by Mr. Doctor during live performances.

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San Marco 5499,
30124 VENICE,


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