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Short-lived UK chill-out label, primarily releasing material in 1994. Set up to replace WAU! Mr Modo, the label was launched by Alex Paterson, Thomas Fehlmann, Adam Morris, and David Fagence, though by its end it was listed as being run by just Morris. See also WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings.

The company Inter-Modo Limited was incorporated on 21 March 1994 and dissolved on 16 February 1999. Simultaneously, the entity Inter-Modo Music was created for publishing of non-Orb music, and Absorbing Music was created for publishing Orb music. Distribution of Orb recordings was via Island, all else via RTM/Pinnacle.

According to court documents filed by Adam Morris, Inter-Modo was a partnership between Alex Paterson's Inter Recordings label (which incurred debts but never released anything) and Adam Morris's Modo Records. Inter Recordings began as a collaboration between Alex Paterson & Kris Weston, then Thomas Fehlmann joined and Weston left soon after, though he was still going to have a sublabel referred to internally as Inter Kristian. The plan was that Inter Recordings was just going to be for The Orb's releases, and Inter Modo would be for other projects. With no corporation yet set up for Inter Recordings, though, The Orb was planning to sign to Island via Modo Records. The Orb Live 93 album was going to be the first Inter Recordings release, but logos had not been designed yet, and only a new Modo logo was available, so the Inter-Modo brand was born and would include both Orb and non-Orb releases. The partnership was terminated by Paterson in June 1994, and Morris was fired in September 1994, amid a number of royalty disputes, debts, and accusations of overspending and alcoholism on both sides.

A May 4, 1994 fax indicates that after the first 3 releases (FFWD, Juno Reactor, Autocreation) there were plans to release albums by BJ Cole, Richard Kirk, and Steve Hillage; a dub LP by Alex Paterson; and they were looking to license the YMO remix LP Technodon Remixes II.

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