Fathers & Sons Productions

Fathers & Sons Productions

Fathers & Sons Productions is a Spain-based electronic music record label founded by Javier Ibarra and Julian Perez.
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Status Catalog Number  Image Artist Title ( Format) Label Catalog Number  Country Year Actions
FAS001 Various - FAS001 Various FAS001 FAS001 Spain 2012 Sell This Version
FAS002 Unknown Artist - FAS002 Unknown Artist FAS002(12", Ltd) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS002 Spain 2012 Sell This Version
FAS003 Julian Perez - FAS003 Julian Perez FAS003(12", Ltd) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS003 Spain 2012 Sell This Version
FAS004 S.A.M. (5) - FAS004 S.A.M. (5) FAS004(12", Ltd) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS004 Spain 2013 Sell This Version
FAS005 Unknown Artist - FAS005 Unknown Artist FAS005(12", Ltd) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS005 Spain 2013 Sell This Version
FAS006 Various - FAS006 Various FAS006(12", Ltd) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS006 Spain 2013 Sell This Version
FAS008 Fathers & Sons Productions - FAS008 Fathers & Sons Productions FAS008(12", EP) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS008 Spain 2014 Sell This Version
FAS009 ROSS 248 - FAS009 ROSS 248 FAS009(12", EP) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS009 Spain 2015 Sell This Version
FAS010 Julian Perez - FAS010 Julian Perez FAS010(12", EP, Ltd) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS010 Spain 2015 Sell This Version
FAS011 Brian Harden - FAS011 Brian Harden FAS011(12") Fathers & Sons Productions FAS011 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
FAS012 Julian Perez - Solemnity Julian Perez Solemnity(2xLP) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS012 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
FAS007.1 Julian Perez - FAS007.1 Julian Perez FAS007.1 FAS007.1 Spain 2013 Sell This Version
FAS007.2 Julian Perez - FAS007.2 Julian Perez FAS007.2 FAS007.2 Spain 2014 Sell This Version
FAS012+1 Julian Perez - FAS012+1 Julian Perez FAS012+1(12", EP) Fathers & Sons Productions FAS012+1 Spain 2023 Sell This Version

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December 15, 2022
What happened to this label guys? They seemed to suddenly stop putting out tracks, does anyone know the reason why?


October 23, 2019
Not an overrated label at all. For me, when we will look back at the trends and records of 2010-2020, this will be a label impossible to ignore. Almost all of the later releases were played out heavily by the minimal house crews in the NE USA. This imprint will come to be symbolic of the sound that dominated that time & space. If you see it - buy it.


October 6, 2015
kind of overrated label, but solid output anyway
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