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New Rose Records was created by Patrick Mathé and Louis Thévenon in 1981. They grew into the biggest indie label in Europe, and also promoted numerous smallest labels through their distribution activity. In 1992 the label was sold to Fnac Music, but disappeared early in 1994. After that, Patrick Mathé created Last Call Records, taking most part of the New Rose catalog of artists, and also reissued some records amongst new releases.
For the distributor, please use New Rose.

Important notes:
The NR ### you can find on the releases are not catalogue numbers, but price codes (New Rose was also one of the biggest independent distributors in France). These codes are not unique and therefore should only be entered in the BAOI section.
New Rose records releases were distributed initially by RCA (first releases, from 1981 to mid 1982), then by New Rose until late 1992.
In this period, except for the first records distributed by New Rose in 1982, a price code can be found on the sleeves: NR 1xx for 7", NR 2xx for 12", NR 3xx for LPs, NR 6xx for CD singles, NR 7xx for the CD albums. Also from 1984 to en 1986, Musidisc (co)distributed New Rose records (adding their own code MU xxx).
From late 1992 (after label was sold to Fnac Music), the distribution was done by New Rose / Wotre Music Distribution (code WM xxx).

New Rose Records used several label layouts over the years, allowing to identify repress:
- Years 1981 / 1982
- Years 1983 / 1985
- Years 1986 / 1989
- Years 1990 and on ..

Sublabels:Fan Club, First Shot, Lively Art, Lucifer Records (3), Neat Neat Neat, Smash It Up, Stretcher Case
Contact Info:

originally (1981 to 1990): 7 rue Pierre Sarrazin, Paris 6è (label and record shop)
then (1990 to 1994), New Rose Records & Distribution: 25, rue du Général Leclerc 94270 Le Kremlin Bicètre
[email protected] ,


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