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Finnish record label founded in 1990 by Riku Pääkkönen. Initially a mailorder/distribution company for rock and metal releases, but soon started to release albums of Finnish metal bands.

In March 2002 Spinefarm became part of Universal Music, when Universal Music Oy became the majority shareholder of Spin-Farm Oy (the record company that runs Spinefarm). In 2005 Universal bought the whole company and on December 31st 2014 Spin-Farm Oy was merged to Universal Music Oy.
Founder Riku Pääkkönen left the company in 2011, but continued working on Ranka Kustannus, a Spinefarm sub-label.

Spinefarm has two regional offices outside of Finland: Spinefarm UK in London, United Kingdom, and Spinefarm US in New York, United States. Other territories are covered by either Caroline / Universal Music or by local distribution partners.

Sometimes credited for distribution as "Spinefarm".

Parent Label:Spin-Farm Oy
Sublabels:Freeride, Freeride Records, Hawaii Sounds, Odor, Ranch, Ranka Recordings, Snakefarm Records (2), Spikefarm Records, Spinefarm, Spinefarm Records U.K.
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Spinefarm Records
Merimiehenkatu 36 D
00150 Helsinki


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